Finance Analytics

Create impressive financial reporting with finance analytics

Easily visualize your company’s financial performance with DataHero’s powerful metrics visualizations and KPI dashboards. DataHero makes it easy for finance teams and analysts to track their key business metrics, sales figures, and company KPIs – so everyone is always on the same page. Take your financial reporting to the next level with DataHero.


Visualize financial metrics from multiple sources

Start tracking sales data, operating expenses or marketing spend by combining data across services your company relies on and take greater control over your entire business like never before. When you track your business with real-time KPI dashboards using DataHero, you are providing clear metrics that ensure your team is always on the same page.

Drive results with clear KPI dashboards

Align your executive team with clear financial and operating metrics, easily visible and always up to date with DataHero’s KPI dashboards. No more unclear or out of date financial reporting metrics. No more data wrangling across departments. With DataHero, it’s easy to know exactly how your business is performing and even easier to share with key stakeholders.


Dive deeper into your key financial metrics

Go beyond the basics with sophisticated financial data analysis that leads to real business insights. With the DataHero finance analytics platform, not only can you connect different cloud data sources but also segment your data for deeper insights. Connect Salesforce with Hubspot and create a 3rd data set that reveals insights into your customer acquisition costs like never before.

Leverage predictive analytics to see where your business is going

Combine data from places like QuickBooks and Stripe  to answer questions like “how did my Monthly Recurring Revenue grow by plan type?” Bringing all data into one place allows your finance department to accurately and effectively report on financial metrics. Leverage the data from key services to get a full view of your business and figure out exactly how to drive results.


Share financial reports with key stakeholders

DataHero’s easy to understand finance analytics charts and financial dashboards ensure that everyone on your management team and board of directors is up to date on key financial metrics. Translate siloed data across your entire org chart into always up to date financial reports that everyone on your management team can understand.


Share and Collaborate

Teams and Sharing

With DataHero for Teams, you can share your charts and dashboards with team members to seamlessly collaborate, or publish read-only dashboards for executives or clients. Administrative controls ensure you’re always in control, while DataHero automatically keeps your data up-to-date, so everyone sees the latest results.

Exports How You Want Them

DataHero’s stunning charts and dashboards can be exported in a variety of formats, from images to Adobe PDFs. Download your insights and email them to colleagues or insert them into your PowerPoint presentations.


Improve reporting with finance analytics from DataHero

Get a crystal clear view of your business and share those insights with your management team or board of directors. DataHero is the fastest and easiest way for finance departments to visualize key financial metrics and share those insights with stakeholders. Get DataHero today and supercharge your financial reporting like never before.