E-Commerce Analytics

Get powerful insights on your e-commerce business

Unlock the power of e-commerce analytics to drive business performance and make more informed data-driven decisions. Import sales data directly from your e-commerce software platform and marketing cloud services, or within files on your desktop. Easily create automatically updated KPI dashboards to monitor your sales or product levels, so you can focus your efforts on growing your business.


E-commerce data analysis from multiple sources

Start tracking customer visits, site behavior and repeat purchases by combining data across services that you already use and visualize your customers’ entire checkout funnel. Get insights with real-time dashboards that show you not only what is being purchased but also the highest converting campaigns leading to those purchases. With DataHero, you get data analysis from multiple sources to lead to multi-channel success.

Drive increased conversions with actionable insights

DataHero gives you one place to track metrics and gain insights across all the tools you use to successfully run your e-commerce business. Combine data sources across Mailchimp, Shopify, Google Analytics, Facebook, and more to get the full view of your purchase path and make faster, smarter business decisions that impact your bottom line.


Show segmented, not just aggregated data

The only way data can ever add value is if you see it in a different dimension. Aggregated data is the death of marketing agencies and companies alike. With the DataHero data analytics platform you can not only connect different data sources but also segment that third data set. For example you can connect Google Analytics with Mailchimp and create a 3rd data set that show you insights that before, were not possible.

Leverage data analytics to make smarter decisions

Combine data from places like Shopify and Google Analytics to answer questions like “how did my AdWords campaigns contribute to sales this month?” Bringing all data into one place allows you to catch trends, patterns and connections that you might have otherwise missed. Leverage the data from your e-commerce tools to get a full view of your customers and figure out exactly how to increase sales.


Visualize your e-commerce business performance

Whether you’re looking for greater visibility into your customer data, or you’re looking to make more informed business decisions based on past purchases, DataHero provides robust visualization and dashboarding tools to help you make better business decisions. See your entire online business in one place with DataHero’s BI dashboarding tools.


Share and Collaborate

Teams and Sharing

With DataHero for Teams, you can share your charts and dashboards with team members to seamlessly collaborate, or publish read-only dashboards for executives or clients. Administrative controls ensure you’re always in control, while DataHero automatically keeps your data up-to-date, so everyone sees the latest results.

Exports How You Want Them

DataHero’s stunning charts and dashboards can be exported in a variety of formats, from images to Adobe PDFs. Download your insights and email them to colleagues or insert them into your PowerPoint presentations.


Your e-commerce business command center

Customers provide you with data points every day, by simply interacting with your site, purchasing your products or registering for your email lists. Unlock the power of that customer data by visualizing top revenue-driving products, geographic regions and marketing campaigns, all with drag-and-drop simplicity. Import data directly from cloud services you already use, or within files on your desktop. Easily create automatically updated dashboards to monitor important metrics, and to keep your e-commerce sales on the right track.