Business Intelligence Analytics

Incredibly Lightweight Business Intelligence Tools

As a BI analyst, you know that every good decision relies on data — from budget allocation, to traffic distribution, lead generation, and everything in between. Not only that but the data isn’t just coming from one place; it’s coming from different industries, different regions, and different sources. But business demands often need faster answers. DataHero’s BI analytics tools are the fastest and easiest way for BI professionals to combine data sources, get results, and share answers fast.


Connect to the services you already use

Turn siloed data into easy to understand visualizations and BI analytics that lead to smarter decisions. Connect easily to your online marketing tools, cloud storage services, or even upload files directly from your computer.

Charts and KPI dashboards made easy

Build out stunning data visualizations and dashboards in a simple drag-and-drop interface that gets to insights faster. Save hours that would otherwise have been spent manually stumbling through Excel spreadsheets or with bulkier BI tools. With DataHero’s intuitive dashboards, you can get actionable insights out of your data fast.


Leverage the power of cloud BI analytics

BI is not one size fits all. Quit fumbling over your over-featured corporate BI systems when you need answers quickly and easily. Whether you use Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Hubspot, or Marketo, get all your results in one place so you always know what’s working.

Define a single source of truth

With DataHero’s marketing analytics, not only can you build stunning charts and dashboards, but you can share them seamlessly with your team members so everyone can make data-driven decisions based on the same source of truth. Keep the entire team aligned with DataHero.

Collaborative digital marketing effort using DataHero

Share BI insights with the entire team

DataHero’s visually stunning BI analytics and KPI dashboards ensure that everyone on your team is up to date on key metrics and insights. Translate siloed marketing data across all of your different cloud services into actionable insights that are always up to date and that everyone can understand.


Share and Collaborate

Teams and Sharing

With DataHero for Teams, you can share your charts and dashboards with team members to seamlessly collaborate, or publish read-only dashboards for executives or clients. Administrative controls ensure you’re always in control, while DataHero automatically keeps your data up-to-date, so everyone sees the latest results.

Exports How You Want Them

DataHero’s stunning charts and dashboards can be exported in a variety of formats, from images to Adobe PDFs. Download your insights and email them to colleagues or insert them into your PowerPoint presentations.


Get the full picture from your BI analytics

Deciding which marketing channels to use and the performance of each is important to a successful overall marketing strategy. Understanding which channels are really driving business impact is even more crucial to achieving exceptional results. DataHero’s marketing analytics and marketing team dashboards ensure you have the full picture. Get deeper insights and start supercharging your marketing analytics today.