Agency Analytics

Wow your clients with stunning agency analytics

Digital marketing agencies rely on a wide range of marketing tools to deliver the best results to their clients fast and efficiently. However, multiple agency services create challenges when it comes to reporting results to clients. So how do you reduce repetition and create stunning, on-brand marketing reports that display the value of your agency’s work? With DataHero’s agency analytics tools, create stunning marketing analytics and automated client reporting across all your marketing channels – all from one easy to use platform.


Visualize metrics from multiple data sources

Visualize customer engagement, site behavior or ad campaign performance by combining data across all your marketing services – from website and landing page performance to email marketing to social media. Share your results through stunning data visualizations and real-time dashboards and nail all your agency analytics and reporting needs.

Retain and increase clients with better campaign insights

Build a reputation as a data-driven agency with deep insights. Set your clients’ minds at ease by providing data to back up each suggested strategy. Give your agency and your clients the advantage over competitors by leveraging the data you already have at your fingertips to make faster, smarter business decisions.


Dive deeper with powerful tools for agencies

Data reporting can often become a check-the-box requirement rather than an agency differentiator. Take a different approach by diving deeper to provide meaningful insights. With the DataHero agency analytics platform you can not only connect different data sources but also segment a third data set. Connect Google Analytics with Mailchimp and surface a deeper dimension that delivers real insights to clients.

Tell stories with your data that clients understand

Combine data from places like HubSpot and Google Analytics to answer questions like “how did my AdWords campaigns contribute to closed/won sales this month?” Bringing all your data into one place allows you to capture trends, patterns and connections that previously went unnoticed. Leverage DataHero’s agency analytics tools to take control of the narrative and deliver exceptional value to clients.


As a sales and marketing agency, we heavily rely on visualizations and dashboards to illustrate our value-add and make data-driven decisions to execute successful campaigns for our clients. DataHero gives us the tools to easily track and analyze our efforts on HubSpot and Google Analytics, and communicate results back to our clients in a clear and consistent manner.

- Matthew Cook

CEO, SalesHub

Save time and money by automating analytics reporting

Deliver impressive marketing analytics reporting to each of your clients without investing time and money in costly manual updates. DataHero enables Agencies to automate data updates and deliver up-to-date, custom-branded agency analytics that perfectly capture your impact and results.


Share and Collaborate

Teams and Sharing

With DataHero for Teams, you can share your charts and dashboards with team members to seamlessly collaborate, or publish read-only dashboards for executives or clients. Administrative controls ensure you’re always in control, while DataHero automatically keeps your data up-to-date, so everyone sees the latest results.

Exports How You Want Them

DataHero’s stunning charts and dashboards can be exported in a variety of formats, from images to Adobe PDFs. Download your insights and email them to colleagues or insert them into your PowerPoint presentations.


Create powerful agency analytics with DataHero

Clients expect professional marketing analytics and reports. Agencies need a way to automate reporting while delivering on-brand, relevant insights. DataHero helps you do both with ease. Create stunning charts and data dashboards across all your client data sources and platforms, and take control of your client communications and agency analytics today.