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Learn How DataHero Brings Clarity to Your Industry

At DataHero, our team recognizes that unlocking actionable insights from your siloed business data is a critical component of making better informed decisions. Whether you are reviewing marketing campaign performance for an agency client or managing deal pipelines for a sales team, DataHero allows you to easily create intuitive charts, reports and KPI dashboards to ensure that everyone on your team is always on the same page.


Solutions by Role

No matter your role in your organization, DataHero allows you to take action into your own hands and get powerful insights from your data that you can easily share with your teams, clients, or executive teams. With easy one-click data integrations to the most popular 3rd party sales, marketing, and customer success tools, you won’t have to wait on others ever again to deliver the business insights that drive your business forward.

Solutions by Industry

In today’s fast moving, data intensive, competitive workplace, all industries are facing the same challenges when it comes to understanding their business at a deeper level and finding actionable insights to make better decisions. DataHero’s powerful data visualization and KPI dashboard software provides real-time, easy to understand data analytics and insights that can drive results across organizations of all sizes, in all industries.

The DataHero Difference

Incredibly Easy to Use

DataHero makes it incredibly easy to go from data to insights — fast. With one-click data imports, automatic chart suggestions and intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, you can create the charts and dashboards you want without having to struggle with overly complicated BI tools.

Charts The Way You Want Them

DataHero gives you complete control over your data with powerful filtering and segmenting tools — no pivot tables required. Select from a variety of chart types and custom color palettes and logos to configure your charts, reports and dashboards just the way you want them.

Sharing Across Teams

Communicate data insights seamlessly with teams, clients, and stakeholders with multiple ways to share. DataHero allows you to directly share your dashboards, export reports as images or PDFs, or embed charts into 3rd party websites, blogs, or wikis.

Always Up to Date

Finally, get insights across all of your datasets and cloud services in one centralized location, with automatic data refreshes to ensure your data is always up to date. Say goodbye to tedious manual reports or stale data.

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