Data Analytics

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Make the most out of the data you have at your disposal. DataHero's data analytics tools allow you to easily pull in data from different sources, discover patterns, uncover trends and share insights with your team to keep your business moving forward. Create stunning charts and data analysis from all of your data sources - available anywhere, anytime.

Use Data Analytics to Drive Business Results

Data Analysis

We all have access to more data than ever before, and this almost overload of data can be overwhelming. With this ever-growing pool of information, we have to learn how to make sense of it all to make solid data-based decisions or risk losing our competitive advantage in our industry. Data analytics is one of the best ways we make sense of all this information. A raw data table of information does little to inform our decisions, but when we plot this information in a bar, line or pie chart, trends and key insights become immediately apparent.

Predictive analytics, including business analytics and marketing analytics, are essential to any company wishing to keep up with and even get ahead of competitors. DataHero’s analytics systems provide a look into data that is unique in its scope, purpose and focus of the analysis. Sophisticated systems help to establish hidden relationships and identify undiscovered patterns in both business analytics and marketing analytics. See your data change in real time with DataHero’s sophisticated software.

Data analytics and visualization were both disciplines previously only available to a handful of employees within an organization, employees who specifically studied data analysis, like marketing analytics. However, with cloud services generating and storing more information every employee in an organization, from entry level to C-suite, is responsible for exploring, visualizing, and ultimately drawing conclusions from their data. Getting the whole team on the same page when it comes to BI tools will streamline your analytics efforts and empower employees with the skills they need to perform their own data analyses.

Business analytics takes a look specifically at statistical analysis and quantitative analyses and, like other forms of analyses, allows a company to explore data in a new way to find new relationships and patterns. Marketing analytics is becoming increasingly critical and of great importance because content and digital marketing are becoming more pervasive. Get explanations for why certain results occurred. Experiment to test previous decisions. Forecast future results. Do all this and more with DataHero.

Because not all of us have degrees in statistics and data analytics, like marketing analytics, there is a gap in what is expected of us, and what we feel comfortable doing in our everyday jobs. DataHero provides that boost you need to bridge that gap to be able to get answers out of the data you already have. It makes you the new data analytics expert in your office. Whether it’s visualizing your sales pipeline, tracking site traffic, or monitoring help desk response times, data analytics will help you identify where your business can run more efficiently.

Never again will your data seem like just numbers or semi-disorganized data. With DataHero’s business analytics and marketing analytics tools, organizing your data and creating beautiful and impressive visualizations is easier than ever before. Visualizations allow for better predictive analytics and serve to educate team members, clients and business executives alike. Insight into data not available beforehand will open up to those able to view data and will shed light in a new way.

Not sure where to get started? No worries. DataHero walks you step by step through the entire data analytics and business intelligence process to ensure you get accurate insights and beautiful charts to share with the rest of your team. It’s a tool that will get you ahead of the game without you having to expend so much of your own energy; in turn, you can divert your energy to other areas of your business. Move your business forward and ahead of your competitors with DataHero’s data analytics tools.

Measure Trends

Get insights faster and easier with DataHero

Analysis In The Cloud

DataHero is a data visualization tool that sits on top of the data that you already use in cloud storage services, or in files on your computer. Have reports in Salesforce or revenue metrics in Stripe? DataHero pulls that data in, automatically categorizes it for you, then creates suggested charts based on your specific data. Use one of these suggested charts, or customize your own. It’s a tool that you’ll be happy to have, and the results you get will speak for themselves.

Import your data from cloud services, then create column, bar, pie, line charts, and more. With geographic data you can even create maps of your data, to determine which sales region is performing best, for example. The options are numerous when it comes to deciding what best highlights your data and helps it to speak for itself.

Explore your data visually and drag and drop information onto the chart. After that, DataHero automatically creates the chart that best fits with your data. Use DataHero’s suggestion or experiment and find what best works for your data. Change chart types, time groupings, filters, or even perform advanced marketing analytics functions like cohort analysis in just a few clicks of your mouse.

With DataHero, you can also keep your charts automatically updated and create dashboards that house information from different services all in one place. It keeps your data organized and accessible in a way that is innovative and ahead of the game. DataHero is the best solution to integrated data analysis, no IT set up required. It makes data visualization a snap. It’s the most approachable data analytics platform available.

Data is valuable. Make the most of it by analyzing it with DataHero’s tools that practically do the analyzing for you. Let your data speak for itself with a tool that will get all your team members in on the strategizing. Don’t let your valuable data become lost time and money. Do more with your data



  • Connect to cloud-based apps, cloud storage services, or upload spreadsheets straight from your computer
  • Let DataHero do the work for you with suggested charts
  • Pivot, filter and merge data without using a VLOOKUP or memorizing formulas in Excel


  • Explore your data visually with drag-and-drop chart creation
  • Segment audiences, track engagement and identify new marketing opportunities
  • Securely import and share your data


  • Get better insights into your team pipeline
  • Enhance customer relationships through team collaboration
  • Share insights and analytics dashboards

All your data sources, in one place

DataHero simplifies your business analytics by connecting to any service you need, including marketing analytics services like Salesforce and Pardot, then allowing you to import reports in a single click. Get data analytics insights in real time, so you can keep a constant pulse on your business.

With drag-and-drop chart creation, DataHero combines an easy-to-use platform with powerful analytics under the hood. It’s simple enough that Microsoft Excel novices can use it, but powerful enough to answer advanced analytics questions.

Get better insights into your team pipeline and enhance customer relationships through team collaboration. With automatic updating and shareable dashboards, your team will be able to adapt to the rapidly changing market quicker and more efficiently than ever before. Leave big data analytics to the big guys. Grab the answers you need from your data with DataHero.

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