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Keep on the pulse of your business with data dashboards

You need your entire team to be on the same page when it comes to business decisions, which means you need a flexible and easy-to-use data dashboards solution. DataHero lets you work with all your data, no matter where it is. Connect to services across the web with DataHero, pull in your data in a few clicks and your information is automatically visualized for you. Ask the questions you need through interactive visualizations, add key charts across all your services to your data dashboard, share with your team and move your business forward.

Get insights faster with up-to-date dashboards

Data Dashboard

We all have access to more data than ever before, much of it stored within the cloud and coming from many different services. With this ever-growing pool of information, we have to learn how to make sense of it all to make solid data-based decisions or risk losing our competitive advantage in our industry. Creating charts from this data using KPI dashboard software and keeping them all in one place is the easiest way to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks, and key areas for improvement are identified.

Data analytics was a discipline previously only available to a handful of employees within an organization, employees who specifically studied data analysis. However, with cloud services generating and storing more information, every employee in an organization, from entry level to C-suite, is responsible for exploring, visualizing, and ultimately drawing conclusions from their data dashboards, including useful KPI dashboards.

Many dashboard software and services are rigid and not compatible with the many services you already use. This means you have to export your data from one service, visualize and analyze it in a second service, then build a dashboard in a third service. DataHero integrates with cloud services and then allows you to visualize your data and create dashboards all within the same integrated tool.

But I’m not familiar with data analysis, you may say. Because not all of us have degrees in statistics and data analytics, there is a gap in what is expected of us, and what we feel comfortable doing in our everyday jobs. DataHero is easy enough to use that it provides the boost you need to bridge that gap to be able to get answers out of the data you already have. It makes you the new data analytics expert in your office. Whether it’s visualizing your sales pipeline, tracking site traffic, or monitoring help desk response times, data analytics will help you identify where your business can run more efficiently.

Cloud Data Dashboard

BI Dashboards in DataHero

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Good dashboards are focused and clean. They answer a few questions at a time, and are uncluttered and easy to monitor at a glance. DataHero allows for full data dashboard customization. It’s flexible enough to use with any of your connected services.

Good dashboards should also encourage collaboration within an organization. By empowering everyone with important company data, all departments within an organization can make solid, data-based decisions from the most current data in a dashboard in DataHero. Far too often the marketing team has answers that the finance team may need, or vice versa. Data dashboards that all team members can view enhance communication and encourage success across all departments of an organization.



  • Connect to cloud-based apps, cloud storage services, or upload spreadsheets straight from your computer
  • Let DataHero do the work for you with suggested charts
  • Pivot, filter and merge data without using a VLOOKUP or memorizing formulas in Excel


  • Explore your data visually with drag-and-drop chart creation
  • Leverage the data you already have in services across the web
  • Securely import and share your data


  • Get better insights into your team pipeline
  • Enhance customer relationships through team collaboration
  • Share insights and analytics dashboards

Make better informed business decisions

To survive in a competitive market, you need business insights at the speed of thought. DataHero provides a fast and reliable way to connect to services across the web, visualize your data, and share your business insights in analytics dashboards with your team.

With drag-and-drop chart creation, DataHero combines an easy-to-use platform with powerful analytics under the hood. It’s simple enough that Microsoft Excel novices can use it, but powerful enough to answer advanced analytics questions.

Keep everyone in your team on the same page with data dashboards. Upload spreadsheets to create Excel dashboards. Combine Salesforce and revenue data to create KPI dashboards. DataHero provides you with the flexibility you need in pulling data from your cloud-based apps, combined with powerful analytics under the hood.

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