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How To Manage Distributed Teams For Success

Forbes | October 26, 2018

DataHero's CEO Alex Hsi shares tips on how to manage distributed teams for success. ...  More

DataHero named as a business intelligence vendor you should know

CRN | July 27, 2015

10 Big Data/Business Intelligence Emerging Vendors You Need To Know About ...  More

DataHero Bring Analytics To Marketo

Forbes | January 20, 2015

It used to be that simply by implementing a marketing automation, organizations would give themselves a head start on their competitors. ...  More

Move over, big data. Cloud data is here

VentureBeat | January 13, 2015

While our collective focus has been on big data, a second paradigm shift has been brewing that in 2015 will upend the technology industry once again: cloud data. ...  More

How Self-Service BI Is Going to Revolutionise the Enterprise

Dataconomy | January 7, 2015

Data teams have become bottlenecks in most companies because they can’t possibly keep up with all of the data problems business users are trying to solve. ...  More

As business picks up, analytics startup DataHero goes freemium

GigaOm | June 24, 2014

The new pricing strategy kicks in as the company is experiencing high growth in its number of paying customers and adding integrations with a lot more services. ...  More

DataHero makes data combination as easy as adding cream to your coffee

VentureBeat | May 15, 2014

When you incorporate information from multiple sources, you can understand a lot more. Cloud-based data visualization startup DataHero today introduced the capability to do just that in its premium version. ...  More

DataHero raises $3.1M and revamps its analytics service

GigaOm | December 10, 2013

Analytics startup DataHero has raised $3.15 million in venture capital and has redesigned its service to create an even simpler user experience. ...  More

DataHero takes $3.15M to let anyone visualize data like a champ

VentureBeat | December 10, 2013

DataHero, a startup that wants to help the average business user chart company data faster than a speeding bullet, has raised $3.15 million. ...  More

DataHero Turns Data Into Rich Visuals Without The Need For A Data Analyst

TechCrunch | May 1, 2013

DataHero caters to a market that often has to rely on data analysts to do their work for them ...  More

DataHero Launches to the Public, Making Genius-Level Data Science Simple, Automated and Free

The Next Web | April 23, 2013

Using supremely complex algorithms on the data that you import, the application spits out amazingly-detailed visualizations, customizable via a click-and-drag interface to include whatever information you need ...  More

DataHero Opens its Doors and Delivers Data Analysis for the Masses

GigaOM | April 23, 2013

A year after launching, data-analysis-for-the-masses startup Datahero is finally opening its doors to the public ...  More

‘Data Vis for the 99 Percent’: DataHero Launches its Free Service

VentureBeat | April 23, 2013

DataHero’s tool can spin up a data visualization in a matter of minutes. Anyone who’s been tasked with creating a pesky pivot table for work will breathe a sigh of relief ...  More

The Future is Now: 10 Startups Leading the Way in ‘Big Data’

VentureBeat | October 16, 2012

To assemble our inaugural list of 10 standout companies, we spoke with investors, analysts, and experts. We narrowed it down to some ground-breaking favorites who helped define the field ...  More

DataHero Aims to Turn Us All Into Analytics Stars

GigaOM | May 31, 2012

DataHero is just the latest in a string of companies trying to simplify the process of data analysis and visualization, but it also targets the broadest audience — you and me ...  More

DataHero Wants To Democratize Data Visualization And Analysis, Raises $1M Round Led By Foundry Group

TechCrunch | May 31, 2012

DataHero, which is launching its private alpha today, wants to make it easier for individuals, small companies and even enterprises to visualize and understand their data without having to worry about data formats and SQL queries ...  More

BMW and Aster Data alums gather $1 million to launch DataHero’s “Data-Science-as-a-Service”

The Next Web | May 31, 2012

Datahero is launching with $1 million in seed money and an all-star team behind it in order to make the world of big data more accessible to the common user ...  More

‘Data Viz for Dummies’ Startup Raises a Cool $1M

VentureBeat | May 31, 2012

Datahero’s invisible gears and levers sort and tag the information, leaving a normal-user-friendly UI that lets consumers focus on patterns and deeper meanings of data — all without any IT or statistical training ...  More