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The Future Of Data

Over the last 10 years, while a lot of attention has been paid to big data, there has been an equally seismic shift in the data space ­and that is the movement of data to the cloud. Data is becoming decentralized as workers increasingly rely on SaaS­-based platforms for everything from CRM to marketing automation to source code repositories

Our mission is to help all users find insight into their data that is now scattered across various different SaaS services through smart visualizations and intelligent systems.

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"Delivers on its promise with a service that's both intelligent and intuitive."

"You can take your Salesforce data, your Stripe data, your Dropbox data — whatever cloud-based data you like — and throw it at DataHero."

Who are we?

Winner of Strata 2014 Startup Showcase, we are a start-up looking for passionate and talented people to help us change the way people think about data. We are heavily influenced by user-centric product design and see ourselves at the intersection of design and data.

We’ve assembled some of the smartest and most successful team members in the industry. Work with people who’ve led successful acquisitions and careers with companies such as Aster Data, Teradata, Facebook, Oracle, HP, BMW, Apple, and Adobe. Work with smart people from schools such as Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, Princeton, UCI, top code immersion programs and more.

What are we working on?

We have just begun – here are some of the things we are building that we want your help on!

  • Smart Visualization Layer leveraging D3/HighCharts and Backbone/React
  • Scalable, Docker-ized Compute Engine in AWS that provides optimized data to the visualization layer
  • Data Ingest Framework using Node 8.x & leveraging non-blocking IO that provides optimized connections to over 36 different SaaS services
  • Machine Learning & Recommendation Systems
  • Secure Multi-tenant Data Storage Layer