Data Visualization Tools: How It Works

Easy to Use Data Visualization Tools

DataHero is the world’s first truly self-service data visualization and data dashboard platform. Turn siloed data into deep insights with powerful data visualization tools that everyone on your team can understand. With DataHero, you can connect easily to the cloud services you rely on most, create stunning visualizations, and build automated KPI dashboards so your team can get deeper insights and make better decisions.


Prebuilt Connectors to Leading Cloud Services

DataHero has prebuilt connectors to dozens of leading cloud services, ensure that you can connect to the services that matter to you – not just those that IT thinks are important. Connect to any service in seconds using your normal credentials and instantly get access to the data you rely on every day.

Powerful Technology to Make Data Analysis Simple

DataHero’s powerful Data Decoder is an advanced data classification engine that takes the effort out of ETL. It automatically classifies and normalizes your data so that you can instantly get results, without any custom configuration or IT involvement. Advanced machine learning algorithms suggest relevant charts based on your underlying data.


Create Stunning Visualizations and Dashboards

DataHero’s powerful recommendation engines automatically suggest insights based on the patterns in your data. Start your analysis with suggested charts that highlight key metrics for the cloud services you use, or create your own personalized insights with drag-and-drop data visualization tools.

Combine Across Any Services

By automatically normalizing your data, DataHero’s Data Decoder enables you to combine data across any services – and even spreadsheets – to get the answers you need. Powerful algorithms automatically identify matching attributes, so you can be confident you’re getting the right results every time.


Create Stunning Charts and Data Visualizations

Get the answers you need with DataHero’s powerful yet easy-to-use data visualization tools. From point-and-click cumulative and rate-of-change graphs to the world’s only drag-and-drop cohort analysis, DataHero’s powerful data visualization tools ensure you get deep insights fast and results even faster.


Share and Collaborate

Teams and Sharing

With DataHero for Teams, you can share your charts and dashboards with team members to seamlessly collaborate, or publish read-only dashboards for executives or clients. Administrative controls ensure you’re always in charge, while DataHero automatically keeps your data up-to-date, so everyone sees the latest results.

Exports How You Want Them

DataHero’s stunning charts and dashboards can be exported in a variety of formats, from images to Adobe PDFs. Download your insights and email them to colleagues or insert them into your PowerPoint presentations.


Works at the speed of your business

DataHero’s data visualization tools and KPI dashboards are built on the latest responsive web technologies, allowing you to always have access to critical business insights on your desktop, laptop or tablet device. Make better informed business decisions by utilizing DataHero for your team whenever and wherever your modern business takes you.