Turn Data Into Insights

Finally, Easy to Use Data Visualization & Dashboard Software

DataHero is self-service data visualization and data dashboard software that allows any user to quickly connect to cloud services without the help of an IT team. This is data analysis reimagined from the ground up, focusing on intuitive design and experience to enable non-analysts and analysts alike. Suggested charts and drag-and-drop chart creation make it easy to uncover insights within your data and communicate them with dashboards.

Import Data From Any Cloud Service

Connect directly to your cloud services, or simply upload files directly from your desktop, for automatically updated insights. Keep all your cloud data in one centralized location for easy accessibility and uniformity across your organization. DataHero enables you to unlock your data and easily create stunning data visualizations and analytics.

Drag-and-Drop Chart Creation

Get suggested charts based on your specific data within DataHero or simply create your own customized charts from scratch. Segmenting, filtering, cohort analysis and more are at your fingertips. DataHero makes it easy to create beautiful data visualizations and data dashboards that you’ll want to share with your team and clients.


Combine Your Data From Multiple Sources

DataHero allows anyone to uncover previously undecipherable insights by combining datasets from multiple services. Combining your data provides a unified source of truth to understand the end-to-end story that would otherwise have been overlooked.

Deeper Insights With KPI Dashboards

Share data insights with your team or clients, and ensure your results are always up to date with automatically updated data dashboards. Drive results by ensuring everyone on your team is tracking the same KPIs and completely synced on goals.


Data Visualization & Data Dashboard Software

DataHero’s visually stunning data analytics and data dashboard software ensures that everyone on your team is always up to date on key metrics and insights. Translate siloed data across all of your different cloud services into actionable insights that are easy to create, always up to date and that everyone can understand.

The DataHero Difference

Analytics Expertise Built In

DataHero suggests the charts that best fit your specific data. With access to stunning charts and elegant color palettes designed to showcase your data, it’s like having an analyst built into your browser.

Visual Analysis that’s Easy & Intuitive

Forget exporting to Excel for calculations and pivot tables. Let DataHero guide you through your analytics within Excel or CSV files or within your cloud services.

Sharing Across Teams

Communicate data insights seamlessly across teams within your organization with dashboards and easy chart sharing.

Managed Cloud Services

Data from all your cloud services can finally live in one centralized location. Never export to Excel again to recreate the same reports. Keep key charts and dashboards automatically updated.

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