Turn Data Into Insights

Finally, Business Intelligence Software That’s Easy to Use

DataHero is the fastest, easiest way to create charts, reports and dashboards from your data. Connect to your most commonly used 3rd party cloud services, cloud storage providers, and ad-hoc datasets and turn silo-ed business data into actionable insights that you can easily share with teams and clients. No more waiting on backed up internal data services teams or fumbling with overly complicated business intelligence tools — DataHero is the industry’s easiest to use solution for unlocking insights from your data, so you can focus on driving your business forward.


Import Data From The Cloud

Connect directly to your cloud services, or simply upload files directly from your desktop, for automatically updated insights. Keep all your cloud data in one centralized location for easy accessibility and uniformity across your organization. DataHero enables you to unlock your data and easily create stunning data visualizations and analytics.

Drag-and-Drop Chart Creation

Get suggested charts based on your specific data within DataHero or simply create your own customized charts from scratch. Segmenting, filtering, cohort analysis and more are at your fingertips. DataHero makes it easy to create beautiful data visualizations and data dashboards that you’ll want to share with your team and clients.


Combine Your Data From Multiple Sources

DataHero allows anyone to uncover previously undecipherable insights by combining datasets from multiple services. Combining your data provides a unified source of truth to understand the end-to-end story that may otherwise have been overlooked.

Share Insights With KPI Dashboards

Share data insights with your teams or clients, and ensure your results are always up to date with automatically scheduled data refreshes. With multiple ways to share including embedded charts, you can ensure everyone on your team is tracking the same KPIs and completely synced on goals.


Data Visualization & Data Dashboard Software

DataHero’s visually stunning data analytics and data dashboard software ensures that everyone on your team is always up to date on key metrics and insights. Translate siloed data across all of your different cloud services into actionable insights that are easy to create, always up to date and that everyone can understand.

The DataHero Difference

Incredibly Easy to Use

DataHero makes it incredibly easy to go from data to insights — fast. With one-click data imports, automatic chart suggestions and intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, you can create the charts and dashboards you want without having to struggle with overly complicated BI tools.

Charts The Way You Want Them

DataHero gives you complete control over your data with powerful filtering and segmenting tools — no pivot tables required. Select from a variety of chart types and custom color palettes and logos to configure your charts, reports and dashboards just the way you want them.

Sharing Across Teams

Communicate data insights seamlessly with teams, clients, and stakeholders with multiple ways to share. DataHero allows you to directly share your dashboards, export reports as images or PDFs, or embed charts into 3rd party websites, blogs, or wikis.

Always Up to Date

Finally, get insights across all of your datasets and cloud services in one centralized location, with automatic data refreshes to ensure your data is always up to date. Say goodbye to tedious manual reports or stale data.

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