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SaaS Analytics: Getting a Pulse on Your Business

February 4th, 2019

The explosion in SaaS tools has been well documented. These days, there are best-in-class tools for pretty much all aspects of running an online or offline business. Need a CRM for customer information? There’s Salesforce, Hubspot CRM, and Pipedrive. Need a leading Marketing Automation platform to generate leads and prospects? There’s Hubspot Marketing, Marketo, and Pardot. Need a powerful Customer Success platform to manage support requests and direct chat? There’s Intercom, Zendesk, and Yet, while there are great individual tools for each aspect of your business, getting powerful SaaS Analytics to get one picture of your business can often be harder than you think.

At DataHero, that’s where we focus as a business – on making it faster and easier to get meaningful insights from your SaaS data, so you can easily create charts, reports, and KPI dashboards from your data, all in one place. With over 40+ data connectors to the most commonly used SaaS tools, DataHero’s partner list reads like a veritable who’s who of the SaaS world. We focus exclusively on solving the need for better SaaS analytics, by making it one-click simple to get your cloud data from 3rd party platforms as well as cloud storage solutions, into one central platform, all without the need for complicated ETL or data warehousing solutions.


It’s then incredibly simple to leverage our drag-and-drop chart creation interface to create custom, dynamic, intuitive charts to capture the key metrics driving your business and arranging them into organized reports and dashboards to easily share with clients, teams, and key stakeholders. No more having to wrangle results across a dozen different platforms, logins, and canned or limited reporting capabilities. DataHero makes SaaS Analytics easy, while still providing access to the underlying data to dive deeper into your results – whether segmenting a sales pipeline by multiple dimensions or visualizing a heatmap of customer service calls by hours of day and day of week.


DataHero is also fundamentally built for the modern collaboration needs of businesses built on using SaaS products to run their core businesses. We know that getting the right data all into one place can be hard, easily creating specific charts and KPI dashboards can be harder, but none of that matters if end stakeholders aren’t able to easily view those metrics to take actionable results from your SaaS analytics.

That’s where DataHero offers a variety of different sharing options, including the ability to directly share charts by link, automatically email charts on a regular basis, or embed dynamic charts on 3rd party websites, blogs, or wikis.

With the proliferation of SaaS tools in 2019, it’s increasingly important to streamline your business and focus your SaaS analytics on just the key metrics that matter in your business, while making sure that up-to-date metrics get seen and monitored by key stakeholders on a regular basis. Maintaining a healthy, consistent focus on your business can lead to actionable insights and focused results that can really move your business forward over time.

By Alex Hsi

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