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January 16th, 2019

Pardot is a longstanding leader in B2B marketing automation known for its easy to use platform for generating and managing leads, integrated into the Salesforce ecosystem. Pardot makes it incredibly easy to manage leads and opportunities generated across easy to create web assets, landing pages, and marketing channels. Yet while it can be easy to build basic reports across Pardot’s templated views, today’s savvy marketers often need to dive much deeper into Pardot analytics to identify the most effective marketing initiatives and campaigns.

That’s where DataHero’s direct connection to Pardot provides a fast and easy to use platform to create custom charts, reports, and dashboards from your Pardot data for deeper Pardot analytics. Go beyond the basics by having full access to all of your Pardot data, where you can easily slice and dice your marketing automation analytics to fit your business analysis needs. Furthermore, DataHero also plugs in nicely across the entire Salesforce ecosystem, including Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Desk, allowing for a complete view of your business data.

To begin, simply connect your Pardot account by authenticating with your Pardot credentials. Once you’ve connected, it’s as simple as clicking ‘IMPORT DATA’ and selecting the campaign or subscription list that you want to analyze and visualize.

Once you’ve selected your dataset, DataHero will do all of the heavy lifting for you, including pulling in all of your Pardot campaign, opportunities, prospects, and visitors data directly into a data warehouse, handling the ETL service, and providing automatic data classification to the columns in your data. After that, it’s as simple as creating a new chart to be able to drag and drop data attributes from your marketing campaigns to visualize the results of your Pardot data. You can pull multiple data attributes in to look at a combination of results across campaign performance, for example. You can also filter your results to focus in on a specific time frame, type, or stage of opportunity, for example.

DataHero combines powerful functionality with drag-and-drop ease, so you can get deeper insights from your data without the need for a data analyst or BI team – no coding or SQL queries required. There are also a variety of chart types to best view your data, and you can customize your charts and reports with your custom brand marks and color schemes for sharing with teams, clients, or stakeholders. No more being limited to the canned and templated reporting formats within the Pardot platform.

Besides the direct sharing options, DataHero also allows you to embed your charts on 3rd party websites, blogs, and wikis so you can place dynamic, interactive data visualizations wherever you want. You can also schedule automatic emails to ensure that metrics are in mailboxes every week for your team to review.

Another powerful feature is the ability to combine your datasets between Pardot and Salesforce CRM, as well as any of our 40+ 3rd party data connectors. Simply select a unique, shared primary key between your datasets (i.e. email address) and you’ll be able to combine datasets and create charts and reports across a combined set of data attributes.

Lastly, arrange and organize your charts into customized reports and dashboards that you can easily export to PDF, share by public link or by email, or control through role-based permissions. DataHero gives you the flexibility to take your marketing automation data and create customized Pardot analytics and dashboards that go far beyond the standard built-in reports and templates.

You’ll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to get started building deeper Pardot analytics with DataHero. Simply sign up for a free 14 day trial of DataHero and you can begin getting faster, easier insights into your B2B marketing automation data and creating insightful Pardot analytics and dashboards that really drive your business forward.

Happy dashboarding!

By Alex Hsi

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