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Analytics Automation With Scheduled Emails

December 28th, 2018’s business owners are constantly grappling with more and more data with which to make decisions from, and we’ve worked hard to provide easy to use tools to get faster insights from all of your cloud data sources. Yet, creating those charts, reports, and dashboards is just one side of the equation. It’s equally important to ensure that all teams and key stakeholders are engaging with those business insights in a regular way. That’s where taking advantage of DataHero’s easy and powerful analytics automation tools makes data insights actionable to the departments and decision makers run your business.




DataHero enables you to easily share a link to your charts, send a direct email of your charts, or embed charts on 3rd party websites, blogs, and wikis. And now, DataHero also allows you to schedule automated emails of your charts to members of your team or clients on a regular basis. Simply click the Share button within any of your charts and Enable Sharing in order to make your charts shareable with others.





One you’ve Enabled Sharing, you can now take advantage of DataHero’s analytics automation tools in order to schedule email sends. Simply enter the email addresses where you want to schedule chart sends, as well as optional subject lines and messages, and click Send. DataHero allows you to send one-time emails without needing to schedule regular updates. But, if you’d like to send weekly, automated emails of your charts, you can simply click on the day of week you want and DataHero will automatically send your updated chart on a weekly basis. Pair this functionality with our automatic scheduled data updates and you’ve now automated your reporting and analysis requirements for your team.




DataHero has always made creating charts, reports, and dashboards incredibly easy from over 40+ commonly used cloud data services. And now, DataHero makes it even easier to share insights with analytics automation tools to simplify and automate your reporting needs.

Get started free with a 14 day trial of the DataHero Team Plan and start getting insights from your data that you can easily share with others.

Happy dashboarding!

By Alex Hsi

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