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Survey Results Analysis Made Easy

October 22nd, 2018

http://webbanki.ruIt’s no secret that surveys are an incredibly powerful tool to better understand your employees, customers, stakeholders, or prospects. When it comes to unlocking the feedback necessary to improve your product or drive your business forward, a well executed survey can provide unparalleled results. With today’s modern tools, there are a number of great survey tools in the market including SurveyMonkey that can help you create and administer surveys. But when it comes to performing survey result analysis, that’s where a separate tool like DataHero can make a big difference.

Here are four steps to make survey result analysis a breeze:

  1. Import your survey results with whatever survey tool you’ve chosen
  2. Focus on the key questions and answers you’re looking to understand
  3. Filter your results to dive deeper
  4. Share your insights with teams, clients, or key stakeholders




Import your survey results into DataHero

DataHero is the fastest, easiest way to get insights from your survey data. There are 40+ data connectors to a variety of the most commonly used 3rd party data sources, including SurveyMonkey. If you’ve chosen another survey tool, including form tools like Formstack, Smartsheet, or Typeform, you can simply import an export of your survey data directly into DataHero as well.




Pulling your data directly into DataHero will allow you to have full control over your survey data. You can combine different datasets or merge surveys results in order to broaden the scope of your survey results analysis. With direct data connectors to SurveyMonkey, Smartsheet, Google Sheets, and others – you can also schedule your survey data to be automatically updated at the time and frequency that you choose.

Focus on the questions you’re looking to understand

DataHero makes it easy to create charts, reports, and dashboards from your survey data with drag-and-drop ease. Simply choose the data attributes you’re interested in visualizing and drag them into your chart creation area in order to build your survey results analysis. You can choose from a variety of chart types that best fit your data, and change color schemes and labels to best fit your analysis.





Filter your results to dive deeper

One key aspect of creating meaningful insights for your survey results analysis is the ability to segment and filter your datasets by attribute. DataHero allows you to filter your chart results based on any data attribute in your survey dataset. You can filter your results down by date of response, or by collection mode or status. That way you can quickly and easily drill into the data insights that matter the most and focus in on key segments of your overall survey responses.




Share your insights with teams, clients, and key stakeholders

DataHero gives you the tools to easily share your insights with others in a variety of ways. You can directly share a chart or dashboard with members of your team, with controls over who has edit or view only rights. You can also easily embed charts on 3rd party websites, blogs, or corporate wikis so your survey results analysis is available where your team is already looking.



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By Alex Hsi

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