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September 24th, 2018 has long been a go-to when it comes to creating powerful, dynamic, and sharable spreadsheets that help teams better collaborate together to get work done faster. Smartsheet helps you avoid the common problem of sending Excel spreadsheets manually back and forth by email, often leading to version control and tracking issues. However, when it comes to creating Smartsheet dashboards and reports that intuitively capture the results, insights, and statuses of your sheets, their built-in solution is often not enough.

With DataHero’s powerful integration with Smartsheet, you can now create beautiful, dynamic, and professional looking dashboards and reports that you can easily share with clients and teams. DataHero and Smartsheet together are a natural fit – we both strive to make it easier and faster to get work done collaboratively, and now with our partnership, you get the best of both worlds.

Smartsheet Dashboards: Getting Started

To get started, simply begin with any of the sheets or reports that you’ve previously created with Smartsheet. In this case, we’re using a sales pipeline that we’ve built to track the progress of our deals. While Smartsheet is excellent at easily laying out this data, it’s difficult to dive into our sales pipeline with their built-in reporting and dashboard, and this is where DataHero can help.



The first step is to simply connect your Smartsheet account to DataHero through our built-in data connector. You’ll need to enter in your Smartsheet credentials to authenticate, and then click ‘Import Data’ to select the sheet or report that you want to visualize. You’ll see that all of your Smartsheet sheets and reports are automatically pulled in and available in DataHero, and you can control which ones you want to pull in.




In this case, we’ll go ahead and select our sales pipeline, Acme_Sales, Sheet. With a one-click import process, you’ll immediately have access to all of your Smartsheet data right inside DataHero’s built-in data warehouse. We handle all of the ETL process, data ingestion, and data classification – making it easy for you to have direct access to your data to create the Smartsheet dashboards and reports you want.




From there, it’s as simple as using DataHero’s drag-and-drop chart creation functionality to generate the types of insights and reports that you and your team are looking to visualize. DataHero gives you significant control here to dive into the details of your data, slicing and dicing your data to create deeper insights or filtering your Smartsheet data to focus in on key metrics you care about.




You can even combine your Smartsheet data with one of our 40+ 3rd party data connectors to go beyond the standard reporting insights. In this case, we’ve combined our sales pipeline that we manage in Smartsheet with Google Sheets data for an upcoming marketing conference to create an incredibly insightful and powerful view of sales accounts attending the upcoming marketing conference.




Lastly, you can combine charts and graphs together to create Smartsheet dashboards and reports that focus on all of the key areas that you and your team care about. DataHero supports both numerical and non-numerical Smartsheet data categories so you can easily group, segment, and report on your project status or completion rates. Easily share with teams or clients through PDF, email, public link, or directly embed on a 3rd party website, blog, or wiki. DataHero gives you complete flexibility when it comes to creating Smartsheet dashboards that help you visualize and report on your work, faster.




If you’ve been using Smartsheet for more dynamic and sharable spreadsheets, we’d highly encourage you to take a look at DataHero for deeper Smartsheet dashboards and reports. You can get started right away with a free 14 day trial of DataHero.

Happy dashboarding!

By Alex Hsi

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