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SurveyMonkey Analytics and Reporting

August 20th, 2018

Most companies these days take customer feedback and insights incredibly seriously. It’s more and more important to make sure you stay on the pulse of your market and your customers in order to deliver the best product, service, and value to today’s increasingly discerning customer. At the same time, with so much information at our fingertips, it can also be harder than ever to cut through the noise of what really matters. SurveyMonkey allows you to easily create and manage surveys, but it’s equally important to follow-up with great SurveyMonkey analytics and insights into your results.

At DataHero, we’ve had a long-standing relationship with SurveyMonkey as their top recommended integration for analyzing SurveyMonkey data. We help SurveyMonkey customers get quick and easy insights from their data and create charts, reports, and dashboards of their SurveyMonkey analytics that they can share with teams and clients. We can also help with more advanced features and functions like merging surveys in SurveyMonkey.

Whether you are a seasoned expert or a beginner when it comes to administering surveys, you can rely on DataHero to provide the fastest, easiest way to get insights from your SurveyMonkey data. Here’s how to get started.

Connect SurveyMonkey to DataHero




The first thing to do is to connect your SurveyMonkey account to DataHero. You will need a paid SurveyMonkey account in order to create a direct connection to a third party service, like DataHero. SurveyMonkey also requires you to have a paid SurveyMonkey account to export a survey as CSV, which is another way to get your survey data imported into DataHero.

Import Your Survey Results




Next, click on the ‘IMPORT DATA’ button in order to pull in the SurveyMonkey survey that you want to analyze and report on. You’ll see that DataHero automatically does the heavy lifting for you – including data ingestion, data normalization, and data warehousing of your survey data. From here, you can also schedule your data to automatically update on a weekly, daily, or up to hourly basis. You can also combine datasets with other data sources to dive deeper into your data.

Create Charts From Your SurveyMonkey data




Now you can quickly and easily create SurveyMonkey analytics and reporting with drag-and-drop ease. DataHero allows you to simply drag attributes into the chart creation area in order to add data to your chart. Choose between a number of different chart types, customize your color schemes or legends and labels, until you have the chart results you want. From here, you can also easily add this chart to a dashboard, share it with teams and clients, or embed it on a third party websites, blog, or wiki.



Once you’ve created the SurveyMonkey analytics that you want, DataHero makes it easy to share with teams and clients. You can always customize your survey results with your own color schemes, style guides, or company/client brand marks. DataHero also enables you to easily export to PNG or PDF – so you can quickly and easily create packaged survey results that make it easy for stakeholders to understand in a clean and professional format.

So, are you ready to get started creating better SurveyMonkey analytics and reporting? DataHero offers a free 14-day trial so it’s risk-free to get started. If you still need more information, we also put together this walkthrough demo video that helps guide you through the capabilities of the platform.

Happy dashboarding!

By Alex Hsi

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