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Smartsheet Analytics and Dashboards

July 25th, 2018

Are you a fan of Smartsheet sheets but struggle with creating the Smartsheet analytics, reporting, and dashboards that you need to run your projects and teams? Do you need more professional looking or insightful charts and data visualizations to dive deeper into your results?

We’re excited to announce that DataHero is partnering with Smartsheet to provide powerful Smartsheet analytics and dashboards to our global customers.




Smartsheet is a powerful SaaS tool for collaboration and workflow management within teams and organizations. It’s been around for a long time and they’ve continued to improve their product, creating a truly self-service project management product that bridges the ease of use and familiarity of a spreadsheet with more powerful capabilities like file sharing, work automation, and Gantt chart creation. It’s no wonder that it’s become such a popular collaboration and project management tool across a wide variety of industries and geographies.

A Natural Fit: Smartsheet and DataHero

At DataHero, we share similar core values of creating highly intuitive, easy to use, and powerful self service solutions for global teams. As a result, it only made sense to build a data connector to Smartsheet to enable the best of both worlds — Smartsheet’s powerful spreadsheet-like collaboration tools married with DataHero’s easy to use chart creation, reporting, and dashboard functionality. With DataHero’s direct data integration with Smartsheet, you can get all of your Smartsheet sheets and reports pulled directly into DataHero for easy data visualization and reporting.


To get started, simply connect your Smartsheet account to DataHero through our built-in data connector, and click ‘Import Data’ to select the sheet or report that you want to visualize.




You’ll have access to all of your Smartsheet data right inside DataHero’s built-in data warehouse. We handle all of the ETL process, data ingestion, and data normalization – making it easy for you to have direct access to your Smartsheet data to create the types of charts, reports, and dashboards you want.




Not only that, but you’ll still be able to take advantage of DataHero’s powerful built-in features including combining your Smartsheet datasets with other Smartsheet sheets and reports, or with any of our over 40+ data integrations to truly discover powerful insights from your data.

From there, it’s as simple as using DataHero’s drag-and-drop chart creation functionality to generate insights or report on key metrics to ensure that you and your team are staying on top of all of your projects.


DataHero Breakdown of Status of Tasks for GTD Tracker


And, with Smartsheet’s native Dashboards/Portals solution, you can even pull your DataHero created charts and reports back into your Smartsheet account to create a much more visually compelling and professional view across any of the data points or metrics that you need to track within your projects.



We are so excited to partner with Smartsheet and can’t wait for you to get started combining the benefits of both platforms. As always, you can get started right away with a free 14 day trial of DataHero.


Happy dashboarding!


By Alex Hsi

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