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Get Actionable Insights From Recurly Reporting & Analytics

March 9th, 2018

Everyone knows that data analytics and KPI metrics are important to monitor for any successful subscription business. But more importantly these days, going beyond the standard out-of-the-box Recurly Reporting & Analytics suite is where you’ll find real, actionable insights into how your specific subscription business is performing. It’s this combination of staying on top of your key metrics with KPI dashboards, and diving into the specific details of your Recurly data with deeper data analytics, that leads to the real insights that will move your business forward.

In this post, we’ll take a look at what those deeper insights actually mean for your online business and show you how to get those insights quickly and easily with DataHero.




DataHero’s built in data connector to Recurly means it’s incredibly easy to connect to your Recurly data and immediately get insights from your data that you can share with your team. No need for complex queries, pivot tables, or coding required. Once your data is connected, here are several charts you can start with that dive deeper into your Subscriptions, Accounts, and Transactions datasets:


Subscriptions up for renewal this month:

DataHero Yearly Subscriptions Up For Renewal This Month

Stay on top of your customers who are up for renewal this month by easily tracking your renewal subscribers for each month, broken out by number and potential revenue, by plan. With this single chart, your team can easily manage your upcoming renewals each month. Make it more actionable by diving into the actual list of customers up for renewal by plan and reach out to ensure that your customers stay subscribed and happy.


Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly Cancellations by Plan Type

DataHero 2017 Cancellations by Plan Type

Summary reports by time period are a breeze with Recurly analytics using DataHero. Easily create Recurly reporting that shows active customers, cancellations, renewals, or expired renewals broken out by plan type. Finally, you can visualize month over month or year over year metrics for any of the KPI’s that are important to your subscription business and easily share them with teams or external stakeholders and partners.


Recurly Reporting Executive Dashboards



DataHero makes it incredibly simple to create charts, automated reports, and KPI dashboards from your Recurly data. Organize your key insights into customized dashboards that you can easily share with your team and ensure that everyone is always up to date. Dashboards are also easily exportable so you can regularly send an updated PDF in advance of your Monday morning meetings. No more Sunday nights spent updating charts means that you have more time to actually focus on growing your business.


By Alex Hsi

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