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6 Easy Ways to Get Deeper Hubspot Sales Analytics

February 25th, 2018

Hubspot is an industry leader when it comes to sales and marketing automation and CRM management. But successfully taking advantage of the platform goes beyond just entering information and managing workflows. Fully managing and analyzing Hubspot Sales analytics can often become the difference between just using the platform and really optimizing your business for performance.

As a Hubspot Premier Partner, DataHero enables businesses to go beyond the limitations of Hubspot’s built-in reporting dashboards in an easy to use, cost effective way. Even Hubspot’s additional reporting add-on, which costs an additional $200/month with a mandatory annual contract, requires you to manipulate a limited number of measures and still doesn’t allow you to merge datasets across Companies, Contacts, Deals, and Engagements or dive deeper into your data, for example, your specific sales activities by owner.




There is obviously a big difference between Hubspot’s out-of-the-box reporting features and the paid custom reporting add-on. However, even the additional reporting add-on can be limited when it comes to staying on top of your business – and as is often the case in data analytics, the true difference is in the details. While satisfactory for high level overviews of your sales and marketing performance, many business users and administrators of Hubspot’s excellent sales and marketing CRM require easier, more intuitive, and deeper insights into how their specific business, custom attribute, sales funnels, marketing campaigns, and sales teams are performing.

Look no further than DataHero – one of Hubspot’s most recommended partners for data visualization, data analytics, reporting, and KPI dashboards. We help hundreds of Hubspot customers get easier, faster insights into their specific Hubspot data that they can share with teams and clients.

DataHero allows you to easily create charts with your most commonly reviewed metrics across the entire Hubspot dataset – everything you can measure in Hubspot, including your custom attributes, can be visualized and reported on at the click of a button with DataHero. Simply group your charts into customizable, shareable dashboards to ensure your team is always up to date on the Hubspot sales analytics that truly matter to your business.

With that, here are six key charts to help you get started better visualizing your Hubspot Sales data:


Chart 1: YOY Subscriptions by Plan Type




Start with the basics by easily analyzing and reporting on the current state of your business. Looking at year-over-year comparisons of your subscriptions by plan type allows you to easily see which plans are most popular as well as which are growing (or declining) most quickly. Paired with a similar breakout of subscription plans by revenue, you’ll have a good basic understanding of what’s driving your subscription business forward.


Chart 2: Number of Contacts by Life Cycle Stage




DataHero makes it easy to report on high level metrics as well, with a wide variety of chart types – so you can have all of your Hubspot Sales analytics in one place. Easily split out your contacts by life cycle stage to stay on top of your sales and marketing funnel and ensure that you’re adequately filling the funnel each step of the way.


Chart 3: Number of Engagements by Type by Owner




Easily build reporting and track your team’s engagements over any period of time, broken down by the individual type of engagement to gain further clarity. You should easily be able to see which team member is performing the best, while also gaining a view towards the channels that are driving the most touchpoints across your business.


Chart 4: Sales Deals by Salesperson by Industry




DataHero allows you to combine data sets across multiple Hubspot categories – including Companies, Contacts, Deals, and Engagements. Combine datasets to dive deeper into your data and elicit insights such as deals by salesperson, broken down by Company attributes such as Industry, Company size, or location.


Chart 5: Quarterly Deal Revenue by Deal Stage




Breaking down deal revenue by deal stage and analyzing sales growth on a quarterly basis is a powerful way to stay on top of your sales metrics as well as predict future trends. Easily align past performance to goals, and then visualize your sales performance to ensure those pro-forma numbers are hit.


Chart 6: YOY Revenue for Top 10 Customers




DataHero allows you to easily visualize year-over-year metrics, including booked revenue, so you can easily compare performance across customers. The ability to analyze and report on year-over-year revenue data across specific customers is something that is not possible in Hubspot’s out-of-the-box or custom reporting platform. Whether in chart or table form, analyzing YOY data can easily lead to sales insights and follow-ups to see why certain customers either increased or decreased sales.

By leveraging DataHero’s built in data connector to Hubspot, as well as the ability to combine data sources from dozens of other 3rd party data sources, you can easily dive deeper into your Hubspot sales analytics and drive increased performance from your business.


By Alex Hsi

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