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February 11th, 2018

If you’re like many small businesses, helps you provide an all-in-one customer support platform to help service your customers. Salesforce’s helpdesk product is one of the leading solutions in the market for customer service cloud software for SMBs. However, when it comes to quickly and easily analyzing your customer support and service analytics, out-of-the-box software can often be lacking and limiting in the ability to draw meaningful, actionable insights.


That’s why DataHero built its Data Connector to, so anyone on your team can easily draw insights from your data, create intuitive charts to showcase key metrics and KPIs, and share those insights with customer success or management teams. By integrating with DataHero, you have full access to all the data available in your implementation, allowing you to dive into the details of your analytics like never before. Here are just four examples of the types of insights you can draw from your customer support data.


Beyond the ability to create intuitive charts on your data, if you are looking for additional ways to improve the overall performance of your customer success team, here are three important reasons to leverage additional analytics to help stay on top of your customer service team’s performance and success:

Easily Monitor Key Performance Metrics

Whether you are a member of the management team at your company or the manager of the helpdesk, high level customer support metrics at a glance are critical to staying on top of the overall satisfaction of your customers. Key performance metrics like Average Response Time, Tickets by Assignee, Number of Tickets Filed by Time Period, Ticket Breakdown by Channel, and Number of Tickets by Tag are critical to ensuring your customer success team members are optimally servicing the customer. By easily reviewing these metrics on a regular basis through DataHero’s data dashboards, managers can help identify problem areas, surface performance lapses, and determine team wins with much greater success.

Dive Deeper into your Desk Data

If you’re ready for a more advanced level of analytics, you can leverage DataHero’s data analysis tools to dive deeper into your data. Combine data with any of your other 3rd party data services, including, Hubspot, Intercom, and dozens of others, to find further insights such as linking the time to resolve an issue for a prospective customer to the overall close rate of those sales. You can also segment your data to drill into those insights and specifically target areas in your data to further investigate.

Share Reports With Stakeholders

As someone who works in day in and day out, you may have a strong grasp of what’s happening with your customer support and service teams. But often taking those insights out of the platform and packaging it for external team consumption and reporting can be a time-consuming and underwhelming task. DataHero allows you to automate reporting with automatically scheduled data updates so your data is always up to date. Create data visualizations and data dashboards for the reporting insights you want to show, and export management or board ready reports at the single click of a button.


Great customer success in today’s fast moving business world requires a juggling act of different components – great people, great processes, and great management. With DataHero, you can make better decisions and help ensure that your investments in your customer success teams and processes are performing to their full potential – so you can continue to delight your customers.


By Alex Hsi

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