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January 20th, 2018

DataHero has had a longstanding partnership with Marketo, the leading marketing automation tool. With the power of Marketo’s marketing automation paired with DataHero’s industry leading easy to use analytics and reporting platform, you can quickly and easily dig deeper into your marketing data with DataHero and analyze your marketing funnel from start to finish.

“As every industry has become increasingly crowded and noisy, business leaders need to stay ahead of the shifts that will define business in the coming years. Data driven decisions will become paramount in just about every function of a company – marketing, sales, operations, customer service, customer development, and finance. This is why DataHero is committed to making it easy for business users to get insights from their connected services, including Marketo,” says Alex Hsi, DataHero’s CEO.

If you are already using Marketo for your marketing automation needs, how can you make DataHero for Marketo work for you? Filter based on lead score, identify exactly where your best leads come from and monitor your marketing funnel from start to finish. DataHero automatically categorizes your data, analyzes it for patterns, and suggests the most relevant charts to you. You’re also able to merge your Marketo data with Excel files or customer support data, create analytics dashboards, and keep all that data up to date with DataHero.

Check out this example of how to get insights from your Marketo data:

To get started, simply connect your Marketo account by authorizing account access using your Marketo Access ID, API Secret Key, and WSDL Endpoint. You’ll need these credentials in order to make an authenticated connection.




Once you’ve connected your Marketo account, simply import the datasets that you’re interested in creating charts, reports, or dashboards of. DataHero creates suggested charts for you based on patterns in your specific data. You also have the option to build your own charts customized to your needs. For example, the following chart displays average lead score by source and date.

DataHero Average Lead Score by Source and Date (1)

With this information from your Marketo data, you can know where to focus marketing efforts and where you have potential to expand leads. For example, it looks like advertising brought in leads that had a high average score in October. It may be worth replicating the October campaign in other months.

To see your Marketo analytics by campaign, customer event, and much more, import Marketo data into DataHero in a single click. Then with simple drag-and-drop motions you can create  beautiful charts and dashboards to share with your team. DataHero is flexible enough for all your custom analytics needs and will stay automatically updated as the data within Marketo changes.

Give DataHero a try today and create custom charts and dashboards with our free 14-day trial.


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By Kelli Simpson

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