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We’re Facebook Official — How to Chart ROI on Social Media

March 31st, 2017

Facebook advertisers, take note: we now have a connection available with the advertising dashboard on the world’s largest social network. Enabling the connection lets you visualize more details about Facebook ad performance than what you can see in the native insights on the site. This becomes all the more revelatory when you overlay the connection with Google Analytics.

Although Facebook expanded the charting capabilities available to larger advertisers with the launch of the Power Editor for larger campaigns, there’s a limit to what you visualize in it. Some of this has to do with the fact that Facebook itself doesn’t really track clickthroughs or conversions on its own. You can see this in Google Analytics, but toggling back and forth between the two sites is, well, awkward. However, plugging them into DataHero enables you to see it all in one application.

Then you can compare traffic referrals from Facebook with other sources, including search and people who find you organically. Plus you can compare the performance of your ads on Facebook with those you run on Google.

With Google Analytics goals implemented, you can track the return on investment (ROI) of your social efforts and optimize campaigns not just for engagement or reach, but also for conversions, however you define them.

Before you begin this analysis, ensure you’re tagging your social campaigns correctly. If you’re A/B testing campaigns with images or copy as most marketers are, distinguish between your variations so you can track the winners properly. Then, integrate Google Analytics into DataHero and pull in information on visits, goal conversions, source and landing page.

Facebook or Other Sites?

Simply drag on information like sessions and source. The result will look something like the chart below. Use this information to determine how much traffic each network is driving over time, to see where you should be focusing your efforts. You may be spending a lot of time trying to drive traffic from Pinterest but if your traffic isn’t coming through this network, it may be time to focus resources elsewhere.

Facebook social media campaigns DataHero

Overall Social-Driven Revenue

As mentioned before, if you’re attributing revenue to your goal conversions, you can visualize your revenue from social sources very easily. Take a look at overall revenue by date by dragging on Goal Value and date, then filtering your source for social networks. Take this a step further by visualizing how your social conversions vary by landing page and social network.

Facebook ocial media DataHero

Social Conversion Revenue by Landing Page

Pull in information from Google Analytics about your conversion value and number of conversions to determine which networks and which landing pages are the winning formula for your overall revenue.

Facebook social media DataHero

This gives you a great idea of how to better target your social network campaigns. In the example above, it looks like Instagram doesn’t perform that well for revenue except for the men and outlet landing pages. Either test the copy and images to try to target your other personae or customers better on Instagram, or get very specific with your targeting to allow you to focus on the groups and customers who contribute the most to your bottom line.

Monitor Your Key Metrics

After you’ve created the charts that allow you to keep track of all your key social metrics, ensure that you schedule that information to update automatically based on a schedule that you set. Then add them to a dashboard and all that’s left for you to do is monitor these metrics and optimize your campaigns accordingly.

Facebook social media DataHero

Share dashboards with executives or clients to easily communicate social data findings. Social analytics doesn’t have to be all about impressions, shares or likes. With the right tools and analytics, it’s easy to see exactly how social campaigns and efforts contribute directly to your bottom line and add value to your business. Ready to get started? Click here to import your social analytics data from Google.

By Kelli Simpson

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