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Plug In Dropbox and You Can Chart Anything

March 7th, 2017

If you use Dropbox as your go-to cloud storage system, you store all your data there so you can access it from any device, whether you’re pulling it from Google Analytics or your accounting platform. But there’s one problem — whenever you want to analyze and compare two or more datasets together, you have to create a whole new file.

From there, you deal with clunky Excel formulas and chart creation systems just to do something as simple as compare customer revenue against the cost to acquire the customer. But when you integrate Dropbox data with DataHero, all it takes is a few clicks to analyze your CAC alongside your customer LTV. Here’s how to to get deep, interactive insights from your Dropbox data.

Charting Dropbox

First, our Data Decoder automatically classifies and normalizes any data you upload, so you can analyze trends, rather than having to parse through the numbers yourself. All you need to do is drag and drop the dataset you want to analyze into the center of your screen — without code, Excel formulas, or any kind of complicated configuration, you can create graphs with multiple variable. Here, we want to analyze cost to acquire a customer (listed as CAC) by industry (listed here as SPACE).

First, drag and drop a variable into the center of the screen. We dropped “SPACE” to add industry as a variable on the graph.

Then, you drag and drop another. In our case, we added CAC, to compare the cost to acquire customers alongside the industries those customers belonged to.

In our graph of CAC (on the y axis) sorted by industry (on the x axis), it’s easy to see that enterprise and mid-enterprise customers cost far more to acquire.

From there, you can make any visual adjustments to the graph that you’d like — like changing the color, sorting the results, or adding more variables. But regardless of what specifications you choose, you’ll end up with a visually clean, interactive platform analyzing the data you need. Just scrolling your mouse over each data point lets you see its exact value.

But you don’t have to stop there — you can dig even deeper and compare CAC by industry with another dataset, like a customer’s lifetime value (LTV). Just drag and drop the LTV icon over the center chart, and make any adjustments you want. From there, you can compare the cost it took to acquire the customer and the customer’s value over time.

Plug Dropbox into DataHero and you can chart anything!
You can create multi-layered datasets with any variables you want. Plus, the Suggested Charts feature suggests combining datasets for insights you might not have discovered otherwise.

Cross-Integrate With All Your Services

Connecting DataHero with your Dropbox data doesn’t just help you analyze those datasets — you can overlay it with datasets from other applications you’ve connected — for a deeper look into your company data.

You can combine customer support data from Zendesk with industry data (like CAC and LTV) from Dropbox — to see how much time customers in each industry cost you in support, compared to what they’re worth.

You could also combine individual customer data from Salesforce or Hubspot with wider-ranging metrics to see who your most valuable customers are. For instance, knowing that 73% of your revenue comes from four companies helps your employees prioritize their marketing and product roadmap efforts.

You could assess your content marketing efforts by combining conversion data from Dropbox with blog content insights from Google Analytics — boosting your efforts or changing your strategy depending on the results you see. Regardless of what you’re looking for, the possibilities are virtually endless with DataHero’s 34 connectors, and the different datasets available inside each of them.

All it takes is a few clicks. In the Combine Your Data tab, click Select Second Dataset to choose the data you want to combine. Then click Create New Chart.

Combine Intercom's integration with information from other DataHero services and things get really interesting.

How to Set It Up

It only takes a few clicks to set up your Dropbox account with DataHero. Once you’re logged into DataHero, click on the Add Service button on the dashboard.

Chart all of your customer communications by pulling Intercom data into DataHero.

Select Dropbox in the list of services, and then type in your login information. From there, you can use the Data tab to import all of your datasets.

No Limits

The best part of this Dropbox integration is that there’s no limit to the kind of data you can use. Since Dropbox is a cloud storage system, you can upload everything over time — from account information to marketing data and company revenue.

This integration combination gets even more interesting when you use it with a Premium, Team or Enterprise level subscription. Click here to learn more.

By Walter Chen

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