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When DataHero Meets Intercom: Chart All Your Messaging

February 27th, 2017

Our customers love the way Intercom saves them from having to subscribe to different services for email marketing, sales chat, and technical support. Instead, one tool centralizes all of those different types of communications.

No wonder you wanted to see us connect Intercom with DataHero. We did it and the result lets you analyze all of those customer communications and visualize the results any way you like. This goes way beyond the graphs that are built into Intercom’s insights, so you slice and dice the information to make it more actionable.

Visualize This: Intercom and DataHero

Let’s show you what the two apps together let you visualize. It all begins with a good scrubbing, so to speak: DataHero’s Data Decoder classifies and normalizes that customer relationship data for you, so you can focus on trends and insights rather than slogging through a series of numbers.

All you need to do is drag and drop the data you want to analyze into the center of your screen — for complex insights without code or even Excel formulas. You can analyze specific data sets like User Status.

DatHero and Intercom together means you can visualize all of your customer communications in one place.
This pie chart using the Intercom connection shows the percentages of how users are engaged, whether they have a free trial or are on the pro plan.


You can combine this data with even more fields for more specific insights: Drag and drop another variable from the left into the center, then edit the chart to your specifications with DataHero’s interface.
Visualize all of your customer communications from Intercom in DataHero charts.

You can create charts for each one of your Intercom data points. You can also use DataHero’s interactive maps to see who you’re reaching based on where your leads are coming from.

Plus, the Suggested Charts feature can help suggest datasets that you didn’t even know you needed. All it takes is a few clicks to export your Intercom data, and you’ll have access to a whole host of potential graphs.

How to Set Up

It only takes a few clicks to set up your Intercom account with DataHero. Once you’re logged into DataHero, click on the Add Service button on the dashboard.

Chart all of your customer communications by pulling Intercom data into DataHero.

Select Intercom in the list of services, and then type in your login information. From there, you can use the Data tab to import various Intercom datasets, like your list of leads or your list of users. Then enjoy all the functions of DataHero with your Intercom insights built in!

DataHero and Intercom mean charts of all your customer data

How to Add More Integrations

Connecting DataHero with Intercom doesn’t just offer both their features combined — it opens up a whole new channel for even deeper customer insights. When you connect Intercom with DataHero, you can combine your customer communication data with data from any other DataHero integration. Combining datasets from different applications leads to specific, powerful, and unexpected insights it would have been impossible to see before.

In the Combine Your Data tab, click Select Second Dataset to choose the data you want to combine. Then, press Create New Chart.
Combine Intercom's integration with information from other DataHero services and things get really interesting.
You can do things like combine commerce data from Stripe‘s online payment system with your lifecycle email data — to see the correlation between what you’re sending and who’s buying. You can also combine data from Intercom with data from Hubspot, to connect the information in your CRM to your Intercom lead generation insights.

Integrating with other services through DataHero illuminates insights that Intercom can’t show alone for a deeper look at customer behavior.

Explore and Tell Us More

We hope this update helps you find richer, deeper insights into your customers’ behavior as quickly as possible. This is only the beginning of what you can do using DataHero and Intercom together.

We’d love to hear any use-case suggestions you have in the comments!

By Walter Chen

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