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A New Era For Data Visualizations

December 16th, 2016

Interactive visualizations are taking hold, marking a new era for how people interact with data. They allow users to plot their data in real-time to draw their own conclusions. While the draw may be centered on the ability to explore and discover, what is most appealing is that people don’t need the brain of a mathematician to discover what lies behind the data. Through interactive visualizations, we are able to easily consume data to discover new findings: we are able to experience data analysis in new and improved way.

The future of visualization is with interactivity. In 2016, this trend will only intensify. Everyone has access to data, but the true value lies in making it accessible so that people can explore datasets that pique their interest. These visualizations also prompt discovery for the individual publishing the dataset.

DataHero’s own engineer, Dan Lopuch, applied this method for visualizations to his latest creation, Venture Dealr. With Venture Dealr, you can get your feet wet with an interactive sandbox for building typical VC deal structures. You are given the tools to turn the knobs on venture financing concepts such as dilution, option pools, liquidation preferences and down-rounds.

Venture capital deal structures are a type of financial technology, and as such, these deal structures are inherently complex. But interactive visualizations make the information accessible to a broader audience. By tuning various knobs, you can see how the visualization reacts to understand about different components related to how deals are structured and how a net positive exit can leave founders with empty pockets. The more easy-to-use interactive visualizations like these, the more people will be able to find new meaning in their data.

Go ahead and give it a try to find out what impacts your deal — click here to get started.


By Kelli Simpson

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