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4 Charts You Need to Optimize Your AdWords ROI

December 10th, 2016

How can I track overall impressions and spend? 

Visualize monthly impressions and cost to ensure you’re staying within budget and maximizing spend. AdWords_tipsheet_chart2



Which campaigns are performing best?
Break impressions down by campaign to see which are garnering the most attention.  




How can I optimize campaigns by day of the week or hour of the day? 

Chart visits,  interactions, or goal conversions by day of the week or hour of the day to determine which times are most profitable for your company and when to decrease spend.



How closely do ads match keywords and search phrases? 

Know exactly when you’re ads are appearing, based on match type like broad, exact, or phrase. This will let you know how close you are to the actual keywords users are searching for.



Import your AdWords data into DataHero to slice and dice in depth, then compare it side by side with data from Google Analytics, HubSpot, and other cloud services you’re already using.

By Kelli Simpson

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