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Introducing Trend Lines, New Chart Types and Period Over Period Charts

November 10th, 2016


We’ve been busy recently over at DataHero headquarters. Here are some of the things we’ve been working on to make exploring your data even easier.

Introducing Trend Lines

Data visualization is perfect for spotting trends and patterns in your business, and trend lines make those even easier to spot. What’s more, trend lines allow you to project trends into the future, to give you an estimate of where your business will be in the coming weeks or months.

You can now add trend lines to your existing charts in DataHero, and project trends into the future. Simply select “Add Trend Line” in the top portion of the chart canvas and select which type of trend line you’d like to add. To learn more about which trend line is appropriate, check out our help section.

Regression Analysis

Meet Single Measure Charts

There are other times when you’re less interested in exploring data trends, and more interested in just being able to consume the data really quickly. That’s where single measure charts (featured below) come in handy. Know whether you’re hitting your monthly quota, or exactly how much your MRR is with one quick glance at  your dashboard.

Single Measure Charts

Check Out Period Over Period Charts

Compare how your business performed this period versus a previous period by selecting “Period Over Period” comparison in the left bar. The result will look something like the chart below, which represents department store sales by month of year.
DataHero Average Department Store Retail Sales by Year

There’s very clearly a cyclical nature to these sales by month of the year, with a significant increase in revenue starting in October and ending in December. This allows us to compare which years performed the best for department store revenue, 2006 in this case.

Trend lines, single measure charts and period over period charts are available for any DataHero account. If you run into any trouble or have any questions, our help articles are the place to start. We’re always happy to help.

By Kelli Simpson

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