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3 Ways BI Will Save Your Agency Analytics

November 3rd, 2016

Agencies are under constant pressure to justify spend and prove the ROI of their initiatives. Because clients have access to more data than ever before, they’re asking a lot of questions tied to analytics. Agencies need to be prepared to not only answer those questions, but derive business decisions from the client metrics. How do agencies ensure they’re ahead of the analytics game and give their clients the competitive edge they need?

Decide On Which Metrics To Track and Stick To It

With all the data noise from various services, it’s easy to get sidetracked by vanity metrics or data that isn’t relevant to your client’s goals. Before you even establish a relationship with your client, make sure you know which metrics they’re tracking and what goals contribute to their bottom line. Start with this guide on 7 metrics for a new client relationship to start off on the right foot.

Agency Dashboard

Another essential conversation with your client should revolve around establishing how those analytics are pulled. Ensure you know which date ranges and which sources your client is using. To simplify this, pull all your client’s data into one tool to centralize all their data. Through a cloud BI tool, you can also keep this information automatically updated so you don’t have to recreate the same reports over and over again.

Communicate Data Clearly and Frequently

Along with keeping data automatically updated, make sure it’s accessible. Ensuring it’s updated and accessible cuts down on emails with various attachments that could have outdated information. Ideally the client metrics would be communicated to an account manager, who would have access to client data, create dashboards that address key metrics for the client, and then share those metrics in an interactive dashboard.

Collaborative Analytics

By ensuring that everyone has access to dashboards that contain key insights, you leverage the knowledge and experience of everyone on your (and your client’s) team. One individual may have a piece of the puzzle that not everyone else has.

Combine Data From Multiple Sources

Because you use various services to get the job done for your clients, you likely have data living in many different systems that is difficult to bring together. Combine datasets from two separate sources on a common key. For example, bring in purchase data from Shopify and email campaign data from HubSpot, then see which customers purchased through an online store thanks to email marketing efforts.

Combine Data Analytics

Combine not just ecommerce and email marketing data, but connect the dots across any of the services you use for your clients with an easy drag-and drop interface.

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By Kelli Simpson

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