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Optimizing Your AdWords Marketing Funnel

December 7th, 2015

Optimizing your AdWords marketing funnel is an iterative process that requires taking a look at your underlying AdWords analytics, reviewing insights from the data, and tweaking accordingly. While this may sound daunting, DataHero makes it easy to get faster insights from your Google AdWords data through our AdWords data connector – making it one-click easy to import your AdWords data and create charts, reports, and dashboards on your AdWords marketing funnel.

AdWords is just one part of your marketing funnel though; this infographic from DataHero will walk you through which metrics to track at which stages of your funnel, and what you should be monitoring.

In general, there are four main stages to your Adwords marketing funnel that you should pay attention to:

  1. Awareness – at the top of the funnel, it’s important to focus on developing potential customers when they are first hearing about your product.
  2. Interest – just below that, your campaigns can begin to target those prospects who are learning about or expressing interest in your product.
  3. Conversion – this is the key part of the funnel where your marketing and sales efforts actually turn prospects into paying customers.
  4. Loyalty – lastly, but not to be forgotten, the bottom of the funnel includes understanding how customers interact and use your product and which levers you can pull to keep them engaged, satisfied, and recommending your product to others.

Understanding your marketing funnel is critical in order to make the right decisions for your business. Import your AdWords account information into DataHero and visualize your campaign data to identify areas that could use improvement and discover where your marketing team is excelling. Tracking the right metrics will also ensure you’re attributing successes or failures to the correct ads, campaigns and spend.


Of course, no marketing funnel lives in a silo. With DataHero, you can quickly and easily combine datasets to get the full picture of your marketing funnel and how it directly impacts your sales and bottom line. DataHero also makes it incredibly easy to share your AdWords marketing funnel metrics with teams and clients. Whether delivered as a PDF directly to an inbox or embedded in a website, blog, or corporate wiki – DataHero makes it easy to develop those insights into your AdWords marketing funnel and then monitor your campaign performance on an iterative, regular basis.




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By Kelli Simpson

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