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5 Ways To Increase Ad Click Through Rates This Holiday Season

November 19th, 2015


The average American will spend about $700 on gifts this holiday season, totaling $465 billion spent in the United States in 2015. Every marketer will be looking to grab a piece of that pie, so how do you ensure your ad click through rates increasing and you are cutting through the clutter and appearing in front of your customers? Not only do they need to be seen by customers, but they need to resonate with them enough to make it all the way to a purchase. If you’ve been following suggestions on how to prepare your retail marketing for the upcoming holiday season, you’ve already scheduled your blog posts, perfected your email campaigns, and know a strategy for PPC for the rest of the year. These are the metrics you should be collecting and tests you should be running to maximize that PPC budget and make this holiday season the most profitable yet.

Mobile vs. Desktop Configuration

According to a recent survey from IBM, desktops account for 72% of Black Friday traffic, while mobile devices account for 11%. This does not, however, mean that you should ignore mobile optimization for your site. Check your own traffic by device in Google Analytics to see how you should prioritize mobile optimization. Be sure to not only monitor traffic, but also conversion rates, load time and bounce rate by device. You could be losing mobile purchases because of long load times. The bounce rate will be a great indicator for that.

Social Channels

It’s tempting to represent your brand on every social channel but ensure you’re only spending advertising dollars where you’re seeing interactions and purchases made. While social is important in supporting your advertising goals, sometimes it can be difficult to attribute social ad spend directly to purchases. Of course, if you have your links and ads tagged accurately, it’s much easier. However, social spend is frequently geared more toward brand awareness and engagement. These are still very important metrics that you need to collect now, before you ramp up your spend too much on a channel that isn’t driving much engagement or visits for you. Break down engagements, visits, number of purchases and purchase value by social channel to help you determine which channel deserves the most focus in the coming months.

Messaging Testing

Now is a perfect time to take a little bit of your ad spend and test out copy before we get to the high buying season post-Black Friday. You want to be prepared with your best ads (both in message and image) so you know you’re maximizing your ad budget. Run some A/B tests, ensure you’re tracking them all through tags, and then cull the ads that are underperforming.

Discount offerings

This is similar to ad messaging. You want to test which discounts (and which messaging around discounts) grabs your customer’s attention more. Be careful, you don’t want to discount too heavily, so be sure to not only pull in Google Analytics and AdWords data around impressions and visits, but also connect this with your revenue information and make sure you’re not discounting too heavily so that you eat into profits for your company. Learn how to combine data between your marketing tools and your revenue tools here for a full picture of how those discounts affect your bottom line.

Audience Targeting

Track participation by audience segments to ensure you’re not wasting valuable ad spend on audiences who don’t purchase. Make sure you have the right goal conversions as well as the right tracking in place long before you start ramping up ad spend so you can very clearly determine what is working and what is not. Also ensure you’re monitoring this information weekly or even daily during peak holiday time, so you can quickly adjust your audience targeting if need be. Log into an automatically updated dashboard each day to see how ad campaigns are performing.

Ecommerce Dashboard

DataHero connects directly to services like Google Analytics, Shopify and your payment subscription services like Stripe or Recurly.  Dashboards help you keep your finger on the pulse of your ecommerce business and ensure you know exactly where your ad spend is going and how it’s performing. Create a free trial account today and set up your holiday retail marketing dashboards.


By Kelli Simpson

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