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Inbound Is All Wrapped Up – Now What?

September 14th, 2015

You’re finally home from Inbound 2015 and you’re likely wading through your inbox and skimming all the missed emails from last week, perhaps hobbling along with some new blisters, and definitely suffering from a case of information overload.

How could you not, with keynotes that ranged from inspiring (thanks Brene Brown) to hilarious with Amy Schumer? Aside from the keynotes though, there were motivating speakers in the Bold Talks tracks, practical insights from the Hacks, Tips and Tricks tracks, and so much more. There was plenty of time for networking and checking out new tools and practices. Inbound certainly did not disappoint this year and was chock-full of actionable advice and new connections. Now that we’re home though, what do we take away from Inbound? How do you prioritize all the great initiatives that were inspired this year?

While it’s still fresh in your mind, take a look back through any notes you took so you can start to pull out the priorities. As I’m taking notes at any conference, I like to highlight things I’m really excited about. More often than not, these initiatives require far more than just an item on your checklist, they require multiple action items under that initiative. So once you’ve pulled out those initiatives and prioritized them, create some action items and speak with the rest of your team about them. For example, Bryan Semple of Smart Bear advises you to trash your marketing incentive plans based on lead gen number. A shift like that doesn’t happen overnight, so break it down into smaller steps and have your entire team work on them.

Thanks for a great Inbound conference, from your friendly DataHero team.

DataHero Team


What are some of your favorite takeaways from Inbound that you’re itching to get started?


By Kelli Simpson

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