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July 2nd, 2015

Data from your Github projects is critical to team and project management. The problem is, a lot of that data stays trapped in Github so it’s hard to get a real view of progress or hangups. A simple solution is a quick integration with DataHero so you can pull in issues and commits from individual repos or from all the repos in your organization.

Issues by State and Assignee

Plot assignee and close date in a heatmap to see how much progress each assignee makes every week.
DataHero Issues Closed by Assigned To by Date

You can also easily filter issues by date or milestone to see how issues are distributed across individuals within your team. Then you can consider whether issues need to be re-prioritized or reshuffled across team members.

Issues by Label and Assignee

See how many open issues each of your team members have by label by simply dragging on assignee and label, then filter on status to show only open issues.

DataHero Issue Labels by Assignee

You can also filter for certain milestones here to see how many open issues there are for each assignee by milestone.

Closed Issues by Milestone

Closed issues may not always map exactly to a particular date, so it may make more sense to visualize closed issues by milestone.

DataHero Closed Issues by Milestone

In the example chart above, we can see that fewer issues are being closed per milestone. This may be intentional, as the issues being tackled are larger and more complex; thus there are fewer of them.


Labels by Month

To get an idea of how feature developments are progressing over time, plot all labels by close or open date.

DataHero Issue Labels by Date

Monitor feature progress by close date or if you see a large spike in certain issues filed during a certain period of time, make sure engineering efforts are allocated to address those issues.

Once you’ve created these charts to keep your team running optimally, set up an automatic update based on your specific schedule; daily or weekly. Then add all this info into a dashboard and share with your team, or make dashboards for each individual on your team and share in a one on one meeting.

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By Kelli Simpson

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