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AdWords Analytics For PPC Marketers

June 16th, 2015

Data from your AdWords campaigns is critical to optimizing them and ensuring your PPC budget is as lean and efficient as possible. Whether you manage AdWords analytics for multiple clients at an agency or you manage AdWords in-house, the platform is likely a cornerstone in your digital marketing initiatives. The problem is, most of us have a hard time visualizing what this giant table of information lays out for you. Dig any further into each campaign, ad group and ad, and it gets even worse. It’s incredibly difficult to pull insights out of just a table of data.

Well then how do you pull insights out of this data? How do you ensure you’re maximizing conversions while keeping spend as efficient as possible? The answer is with some targeted visualizations and dashboards that give you a comprehensive view of your campaigns and spend.

Pull your AdWords data into DataHero easily through the Google Analytics integration. Note that if you do not have your AdWords account integrated with your Google Analytics account, you can find a step-by-step guide here. Then simply select the AdWords attributes you’d like to visualize and DataHero will import and categorize it for you, then create suggested charts based on the unique data you have imported.

Overall Spend

To simply keep a pulse on your AdWords spend, add a simple chart to your dashboard depicting exactly how much is spent each week, month, or quarter. You can then link this back to how many conversions you’re seeing or visits your site gets. Obviously if the spend is increasing, your goal conversions should be as well.


CPA & Spend Over Time

While it’s crucial to monitor spend at a high level, it doesn’t tell us much about how effective this spend is. Visualize cost per conversion (or click, visit, etc.) measured against overall cost. This shows us essentially “bang for your buck”.

In the chart above, we see that average cost per conversion was relatively low, while spend was pretty high. When the orange line jumps in the beginning of May, this may mean that bidding became much more aggressive, or perhaps the campaigns weren’t targeted well enough, maybe the landing pages weren’t well-suited to the ad, there are many reasons why this may have happened. However, this data gives us a great starting point to begin our investigation to see why cost per conversion rose, but spend didn’t. Then the cost per conversion plummets when the spend plummets, meaning the overall spend likely got much more conservative in bidding and overall spend.

Conversions by Search Query

Now that we’ve covered some high level KPIs that need to be monitored, we can start to move into more of the campaign/ad management. Visualize which search queries are producing the most conversions for your client or company.

DataHero Conversions by Matched Search Query

In the chart above, we see that the majority of the conversions come from “long tail” search terms. This suggests that the campaign strategy moving forward needs to incorporate these long tail search terms and not bid solely on all-star keywords.

Lowest CPA by Matched Search Query

Sort search queries by lowest cost per conversion to try to identify some of these long-tail search keywords that may be ripe for bidding. This also can give you some interesting insight into how people are finding and using your particular product or service.
DataHero Lowest Average CPC By Matched Search Query

You can also pull central themes from these low cost per conversion search queries to see if there is a whole other ad group to explore.

Lowest CPAs and Highest Conversions

The end goal of course for low cost per conversion and high-converting search queries is to find the sweet spot in between both of them. Which search queries are yielding the lowest costs per conversion and highest overall conversions? The chart below displays those two variables and allows you to quickly visualize where you can turn more of your attention to maximize conversions.

DataHero CPA vs. Goal Completions by Matched Search Query

Many times, the highest number of conversions and lowest cost per conversion will be for your own branded search term, which is the case in the chart above. However, we can also pick out other search queries here that provide a high number of conversions and a low CPA.

Clicks and Impressions by Ad Group

Keep track of how many clicks and impressions you’re receiving on ad groups you’ve already created and pay attention to any outliers you see so you can adjust as needed.
DataHero Clicks and Impressions by Ad Group

In the chart above, we see that there are many impressions (the spike in the orange line) for an ad group that isn’t seeing many clicks. It may be time to adjust ad copy or targeting for this ad to try to increase your click through rate.

Visualize Geographic Data

To help with geo-targeting, visualize clicks, spend or conversions by country or state. This way you can negatively target underperforming regions, and increase spend in other regions.


Don’t let your AdWords data sit neglected in your account. It’s a goldmine of information on how to improve your campaign performance and increase ROI for your company or your clients. Ultimately, what we want to get to is a dashboard that stays automatically updated and feeds us insights every time we log in:

AdWords Analytics

Sound like your kind of dashboard? Sign up for a free 14 day trial DataHero account and start visualizing your AdWords data today.


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