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Customer Support Analytics – The Ultimate Guide

June 9th, 2015


If you are a manager at a help desk, or simply want to make your customer support better and more efficient, you’re likely asking yourself questions like: how long do customers have to wait for a resolution to their problem? Which of my support reps are answering the most tickets? Who can take on more? Where are people getting hung up in the product? Ultimately, we all want to know how we can better serve our customers. Monitor these customer support metrics and they’ll point you in the right direction so you can delight your customers.

Average Response Time

Monitor how quickly your customers are getting their tickets resolved by charting the average time to first resolution. This is a great starting metric just to keep tabs on your overall customer experience with your support desk. Keep it in a dashboard and track it weekly, or even daily if you’re into that.
DataHero Avg. Time to First Resolution by Month

Tickets by Assignee

Ensure that tickets are spread out as efficiently as possible across assignees to cut down on response times for customers.

DataHero Tickets by Assignee and Date (3)

Here we can see that the blue assignee consistently has a higher caseload than the orange assignee, for example. Perhaps some tasks should be delegated more evenly earlier in the cycles to relieve some pressure.

Number of Tickets Filed

To help you decide how to distribute tickets across assignees, monitor your tickets by day, or even day of the week as the chart below shows.

DataHero Zendesk Tickets Filed by Day of The Week

Now you have a better idea of how many support staff you need for each day of the week. Monitor this information for the entire year to see if there is seasonal change in your support desk. For example, if you run an online store and you participate in Black Friday or Cyber Monday, review last year’s ticket data to give you an idea of how to best prep your support staff this year.

Tickets by Channel

Monitor the number of cases by channel. If email sees more cases, (or higher priority tickets) then you may want to stress this channel to your support team. Or perhaps one channel is being neglected; you may want to remind your team to check on this one more frequently.

DataHero Zendesk Support Tickets by Channel and Week

Visualize not just number of tickets by channel but also time to first resolution by channel. This again will let you evaluate the efficiency of support for each channel.

Tickets by Tag

Visualize exactly what kinds of questions your customers are asking by charting tags over time.

DataHero Support Requests by Tag and Month

Did you just release a new feature that’s causing a lot of confusion? This will show up in your support tags and allow you to perfect your onboarding process to communicate better with your new users. Similarly, it may help you in product development later. If you see a lot of feature requests or confusion around one feature, this shows an area that could use some improvement. It’s a quantitative way to track user feedback.

Combine With Data From Other Sources

You can pull all these metrics directly from your customer support system pretty easily into DataHero. If you’re ready for a more advanced level of analysis, combine this information with data from other sources or departments. See how you can combine support data with finance or sales data here. Here’s an example of something you might want to measure with support and sales data:

DataHero Time to Resolve by WinLoss (2)

The chart above shows a definitive link between time to resolution and your win/loss ratio.

These charts clearly display the data that can lead you to the answers you need for your customer support department. They not only allow you to support your team better, but ultimately will lead to better support for your customers. Forrester Research calculates that just a 10% improvement in an enterprise company’s customer experience score can translate into more than $1 billion in increased revenue. Ready to start offering better customer support? Visualize your customer support data and create your free DataHero account.


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By Kelli Simpson

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