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Improve Campaigns With Email Marketing Analytics

May 14th, 2015

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A common question we hear is “how do I visualize all my email campaigns in one place?” After all, we marketers want to ensure that each campaign is optimized and use them as a learning process to help us make ever better emails. Email marketing analytics is easy with Google Analytics and DataHero. Using Google Analytics as an intermediary between MailChimp, or any email service you use, and DataHero allows you to visualize engagement rates by campaign, revenue driven by each campaign, and more plus keep it automatically updated.

Track things like link clicks, visits, conversions and other engagement metrics with the simplicity of DataHero’s filtering. Using Google Analytics and DataHero, you’re able to customize exactly which metrics you need to compare campaigns. You’re also able to visualize engagement quickly and easily without peeling back layer upon layer of data within Google Analytics. Unfortunately many times your options for visualizing engagement across campaigns is constricted to either making do with the dashboards that your email marketing service provides (which are not customizable) or exporting your data from Google Analytics and visualizing it within Excel or Google Spreadsheets. This simple solution circumnavigates both of those issues elegantly and easily.

Connect your Google Analytics account to DataHero and pull in information based on source, campaign and any user metrics you’d like to track like sessions, goal conversions, time on site, etc. Drag on attributes like campaign, purchases and sessions to see how effective your email marketing is at driving revenue and engagement for your business.

The following dual axis chart depicts the revenue and sessions by email campaign.

DataHero Purchase Amount and Visits by Campaign

By visualizing this data in a chart rather than trying to pull out patterns in a spreadsheet, we’re able to see that some campaigns drive more revenue than sessions, while others drive more sessions than revenue. Depending on the overall goal of the campaign, you may want to determine what you can do to either increase revenue or sessions for your upcoming campaigns.

You can even combine your campaigns from Google Analytics with your MailChimp lists to visualize where your most engaged users are located. If you segment campaigns by geographic region, this is an ideal use case for you.

DataHero allows you to easily drag and drop the common attribute within each service to combine data from Google Analytics and MailChimp to chart this geographic data.

Data Joins

With this information from the data combination, we can plot user engagement by region and even filter on campaign to produce a chart similar to the one below.
DataHero Semi-Annual Sale Campaign Engagement by State

Once you’ve created the charts you need to visualize your email marketing engagement, ensure that it’s updated by simply clicking “Update My Data” and setting a schedule that fits your needs. Then, add key charts to your email marketing dashboard to keep it all in one place. The updated data will always be available in a centralized location and the heavy lifting is done. Just check back in when you need to track your campaigns or share the insights with your team members.

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Visualize My Email Campaign Data

By Kelli Simpson

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