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4 Ways to Boost Ticket Sales With Event Analytics

March 19th, 2015


Which marketing channels are your members coming from?  How do interests impact ticket sales?  Google Analytics can give high level visibility into web traffic, but getting true insight into your guests’ behavior can be tricky. This is where event analytics comes in.

To help you get these questions answered, DataHero and Eventbrite have teamed up to share how you can leverage Eventbrite data and Google Analytics data to unlock real insights and maximize ticket sales.

Just connect your Eventbrite account to DataHero and pull in the event or events you’d like to visualize.

1.  How do my guests vary by demographic or interests?

A great place to start is to unlock new attendee insights by combining your custom information gathered at registration.

For example, the chart below shows attendee interests by age.  This allows you to first quickly visualize the general age range of your attendees, and then understand how interests span these age ranges.

Graph - Demographics

Use this information to tailor your future event programming, or to send personalized email invites based on interest.  You can also look at job title, gender, geography, or any other demographic field that is relevant to your event.

2.  How does revenue differ between members and non members?

For many events held by organizations, there is a different rate for members and non-members.  You can segment your data by membership status to understand the best marketing channels to stay in touch with members, and how this is different for prospective members.

Graph - Member vs Non

In the chart above we see that members tend to find this class through CPC or organic channels. Non Members tend to find this class via Google Plus or publications.

3.  Which day of the week is best for sales?

By examining class registrations by day of week, you will most likely find that certain days generate higher activity than others.  You can use this information to time your email marketing and social media posts, or change your paid advertising budget allocation.

Graph - Day of Week


Now let’s take a look at Google Analytics data.To replicate these metrics, simply enable ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics, and connect Google Analytics to DataHero and Eventbrite.

4.  How do visits to my event page change by source and date?

Understand the seasonality of your business by monitoring how the mix of traffic to your registration page changes over time.  For example, you may find that traffic from Google search is higher in the spring, and choose to spend more of your paid search budget earlier in the year.

Graph - Marketing Channel

To visualize your whole event marketing funnel without becoming a data analyst, connect your event registration data and Google Analytics with an easy visualization tool such as DataHero.  To learn more about how you can unlock the insights hidden in your registration data, create your free DataHero account.


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By Kelli Simpson

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