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How To Foster Team Communication with DataHero

March 5th, 2015


Is it time to finally start making data-driven decisions with your whole team?

For effective team communication to work, you need to share data insights in the form of charts from one central location, where everyone can quickly locate them. Historically, this was handled by emailing numerous charts every quarter or so, sticking them in a large presentation or maybe a complex system of overwriting old charts with new ones, and a mess of different versions of datasets.

Consider DataHero an alternative to the complex data sharing system you may have architected previously. Now you’ll never have to answer those questions of  “who has the most up-to-date charts?” or “why are we just seeing these metrics at the end of the quarter?”

DataHero works with the services you’re already using and allows you to import data and start getting insights from it in under 60 seconds. It takes the intimidation out of data analysis and allows for collaboration across departments on all your analytics insight.

Here’s four steps to fostering collaboration on data analytics for your team.

1.) Connect To Your Team’s Cloud Services

Your company likely has a number of reports and datasets scattered across many different cloud services. Collect them all in DataHero so everyone can find the datasets they need and collaborate with the team.

DataHero Tip: Once you have your cloud services connected, you can create the charts you need to stay current on your important business metrics, and then keep this information automatically updated.

Automatic Updates

2.) Bring Excel Files Into DataHero

Many offices still pull data into Excel files in some capacity. Focus on reducing the amount of Excel files you need. By bringing this data directly into DataHero through cloud storage, you can automate this data analysis process each time you update a dataset, and avoid having to recreate the same charts and dashboards over and over again. You also make these data insights easily shareable with your team by circumnavigating the “Dashboard Email” you send out each quarter.

Pro Tip: Go through all of your current Excel files to see which ones you still need, and which ones can be eliminated thanks to direct cloud connections.

3.) Combine datasets across various SaaS platforms

Our business data frequently lives in many different platforms. Combine datasets from these different platforms by simply choosing a “key” each dataset will have in common and click “Combine”. This allows you to see how your email marketing is directly impacting your revenue, for example. Now, people within your department can collaborate on projects that will drive the whole team forward and empower everyone to make smarter decisions.


4.) Share With Your Team

Once you’ve successfully connected your cloud services, created the charts you need, and combined datasets across different SaaS platforms, amplify your team’s collaboration by sharing charts with anyone who needs access.

Share Chart

Share individual charts by clicking the “Share” button on your chart page. Enter an email address or copy the link to share with a member of your team.

Pro Tip: Need to share more than one chart at a time? Upgrade to the Team plan and share dashboards with anyone on your team.



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By Kelli Simpson

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