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New: Chart Sharing Will Change The Way You Work

March 3rd, 2015


DataHero is the place where your most productive data analysis happens. Now you can also share charts with anyone, without ever having to leave your workspace to send an email or jump to another app. All that productive analysis shared seamlessly, now through DataHero charts.

Work Efficiently

Click the share icon on your chart to bring the right people into the conversation—even if they don’t use DataHero yet. You can share charts with as many people or as few people as you need to get the job done.

Chart Sharing

Charting Made Simple

With DataHero, emailing charts is more powerful than ever —just type in your colleague’s email address in the recipient field and hit send. Once they create a free account or sign in to an existing one, they’ll be able to access the chart in DataHero. You’ll never have to go hunting through your inbox to see key charts again.


Try Chart Sharing Now

Simply navigate to the chart you’d like to share with a team member and hit share, they’ll see that shared chart within seconds. If you need to share more than one chart at a time, check out our dashboard sharing feature on our Teams plan.


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By Kelli Simpson

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