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DataHero’s Wrap Up Of Strata+Hadoop World

February 20th, 2015


As a wildly successful Strata+Hadoop World in San Jose comes to a close today, we think a brief wrap up is in order.  The successful event was sold out this year, with attendees seeing a packed exhibit hall and tons of great talks and keynotes. In addition to the main event there was a long list of meetups and user group meetings where we can all network and learn from each other. In addition, DataHero passed the torch to the new Startup Showcase winner, Snowflake. What a busy few days.

DataHero represented again at this premier data event.  This year, Chris Neumann was at the forefront of speaking about the ongoing migration of data to the cloud. Business users expect to be able to see analytics across multiple SaaS platforms, while IT expects to build upon current investment and security. DataHero delivers on these expectations by providing systems that can connect to fundamentally different vendor APIs, translate between data formats transparently to the user, and respect diverse security models. Self-service analytics services (also known as self-service business intelligence) enable businesses to analyze all of their cloud data. Architecting for the cloud means making a connection directly to popular cloud services incredibly easy. Then users can easily create charts and dashboards and perform complex analysis in and across all of the services they rely on.

These advancements in the data analytics industry are exactly what bring us all to Strata+Hadoop World. Leading minds at Strata + Hadoop World also explored the future of big data through wearable technology, data partnerships built on Hadoop and Spark, and the consistent mission to turn big data insights into real actions that will truly drive a business forward.

All in all it was an exciting week and we’re proud to be a part of Strata+Hadoop World again.  For those of you who missed it, we hope to see you next year and for more info on architecting the cloud, check out Chris’ talk at Strata today.

Until next year, data lovers!


By Kelli Simpson

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