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4 Mobile Reporting Sales Metrics You Need In The Field

February 17th, 2015

For a lot of sales reps, closing deals means travel. Travel means being away from the convenience of a computer, but it doesn’t have to mean sacrificing access to the sales analytics you need to close those deals. Keeping tabs on just a few important metrics while you’re in the field will mean faster and better-informed decisions to keep those closed deals rolling in. You’ll have this analysis in hand within a few clicks. So here’s the skinny, this blog will fly by so fast you can read it on your train ride into work.

Lead Response Time by Lead Score

The faster you respond to the hottest leads, the better chance you have of closing deal. Stay organized and ensure you’re not missing any promising leads by simply keeping a pulse on your average response time to leads by lead score. The chart should look something like this, with your fastest response times going to the leads with the highest scores.

DataHero Lead Response Time by Lead Score

Open Opportunities

Do you have enough open opportunities to meet your sales quota? Monitor open opportunities and adjust as necessary throughout your sales cycle to hit or exceed those quotas consistently.

DataHero Open Opportunities Per Week


Win/Loss Rate

What’s your win rate for the month? This may be the metric you track almost obsessively to keep you on track for your quota and for your own bragging rights. Don’t let the end of the month sneak up on you, make sure you always have current data on your win ratio.


Customer Activity

Pull information in from your customer support tool to see what kinds of questions are being asked about your product and pre-emptively answer them in your pitch.


DataHero is a perfect complement to your CRM tool in the field. It integrates directly with your CRM tool,  stays automatically updated, allows for easy viewing of sales dashboards to get the right information at the right time. Ready to up your sales game in the field?


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By Kelli Simpson

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