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3 Apps that Help You Get the Most out of your Customer Service Software

February 12th, 2015


Closing a sale and landing a new customer is great, but it shouldn’t be the end goal for any business looking to foster long term growth and relationships. You probably use CRM software because you know that helping the customer have valuable experiences is a much better long-term goal. Salesforce, Zendesk, Highrise; there are many options. These platforms provide a great way to connect with customers all on their own, but here are three time-saving applications you can integrate with your CRM to up productivity and efficiency.


How much time do you waste switching from your CRM to Gmail, back to your CRM and then back to Gmail? Collabspot connects the two and removes that hassle. The tool currently integrates with Sugar 6.x, Sugar 7.x, Salesforce and Highrise. Each boasts different features, but among them is the ability to quickly see information about your contacts from your CRM show up in your inbox.


You can save emails to the CRM with a click instead of having to manually enter the information and you also get reminders in your inbox that track emails, websites, and the status of your customers.


There are videos in the chrome store explaining how to integrate the app with Highrise and Sugar CRM 6.


Your CRM is packed with data about your customers. The ability to visualize that data can help you gain valuable insights that inform business decisions. For example, what if you wanted to quickly see which day of the week had the most filed tickets? Integrating DataHero with Zendesk makes creating a chart to view this data quick and easy.


At a glance we can see that Tuesday sees more tickets filed than the second highest day, Wednesday. You can do plenty of other things as well, like viewing response times by day of the week, or checking on what questions customers are asking about your site. Do this by dragging on the date the ticket was created and the tag.


In this view it is clear which tickets were created each month. Viewing the data in this way will help you notice trends you might not have noticed otherwise. For example, maybe the sharp drop in product feedback from the end of 2013 to the beginning of 2014 helps you realize that discontinuing a product led to a decrease in negative customer feedback. These same insights can be found with Desk, Salesforce, and Highrise  as DataHero integrates with all three.


You want your call agents to make the customer feel important, but how can they make the customer feel important when the customer is a complete stranger? Having the most complete set of customer information in one spot is how. And time cannot be wasted trying to search for that information. If you have customer information stored in multiple systems, Talkdesk will sync that information so that it is all conveniently located in one spot for your reps to see.


Talkdesk also allows you automate tasks. That way, if your agents miss a call or a voicemail is left, a ticket can automatically be created, and customers will not be forgotten or go unhelped.


Consider the pain points you are currently facing with your CRM and see if these apps might help your operation run just a little more smoothly. Other time-saving apps like this can be found by visiting your CRM’s website and looking for a page titled “integrations” or “connections.” If you can’t find anything like that, try a Google search for terms like “zendesk apps” or “salesforce integrations.” You might find something that could make your customer service efforts that much more effective.

By Kelli Simpson

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