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Announcing Dashboard Sharing and View Only Licenses

January 29th, 2015


DataHero recently announced two new features that will help you and your business save time and money: dashboard sharing and view only licenses.

Dashboard sharing is ideal for anyone who has ever had to endure the hassle of exporting Excel dashboards to send via email or dump into a Powerpoint. You can now share dashboards that you’ve created in DataHero with key charts from all your cloud services, simply by adding team members’ email addresses. Start saving time today, and give your team members the information they need to drive your whole business forward.

Dashboard Sharing

To enable friction-free business, sharing data insights with your team members just got a whole lot easier. Just connect your DataHero account to the cloud services you already use, create the charts you need, add them to a dashboard and share with your team. It’s that easy.

Share Dashboard

These dashboards can be scheduled to update based on any schedule you set, from any cloud service you use.

Share any dashboard you’ve created by simply entering your team members’ email addresses or sending them a link to the dashboard.

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 10.12.17 AM

View Only Licenses

You all asked and we listened. You requested licenses for team members who simply wanted to view the dashboards, not edit them. View Only accounts are available for $9 per  month, enabling all team members to see these key charts without breaking the bank.

Ready to get your whole team on the same page with data analysis? Create your free DataHero account and share your first dashboard.


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