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How To Name Your Company

January 27th, 2015
Starting a new business has its many challenges, one of which is naming your company. Even companies that have been around for a while look to rebrand and struggle to find that seamless integration of strategy, advantage, and persona when coming up with a name. So how should y0u name your company?
While DataHero excels at integrating services like Hubspot and Zendesk in an effort to provide valuable data visualization to all, we also know a thing or two about the value of a brand and the importance of a name. Take a look at the infographci below and see if you agree on how to name your company.
INF---How-to-Name-Your-Company Final
As you can see, naming your company is an incredibly important step in creating a company with lasting value. It’s definitely not something to take lightly, and a great name can really help differentiate you in increasingly crowded markets with generic or bland sounding names. Of course, we also tried to make it clear that there are pitfalls and legal issues to consider throughout the naming process.
At DataHero, we’re quite proud of our name and feel that it delivers on our goal to provide the easiest, fastest way for business users to get insights from their data. Since our business focuses on allowing users to easily create charts, reports, and KPI dashboards from 40+ data connectors, it was important for us to convey a feeling to business users that they could become data heroes in their own organizations, without having to rely on business intelligence teams or data analysts for insights. This idea translates well into our name and has been an integral part of our success in communicating our brand values and offering to our customers.
Do you agree? We’d love to hear any thoughts, questions, or feedback you might have on our suggestions for how to name a company. Send us an email at if you have any follow-up thoughts or questions!
By Paxton Gray

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