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Getting Started Analyzing Your Google Analytics Data in DataHero

December 18th, 2014


Google Analytics is the most popular analytics platform for tracking site traffic. If you use Google Analytics on a daily basis, you can appreciate the breadth of information it provides. But how do you get the most out of this data and make the analytics-supported decisions to drive your business forward? DataHero’s newest connection with Google Analytics allows you to pull in those analytics and easily identify the sources, goals, regions and campaigns that add the most to your bottom line.

To start analyzing your site traffic data, create a free DataHero account, and import your Google Analytics data in a few clicks. DataHero will create suggested charts for you based on your data, or you can create your own customized charts. What metrics should you track though, to avoid feeling paralyzed by all your Google Analytics data?

Monitor Goals by Source

A great place to start is to see how traffic sources contribute to your goals. The chart below represents sign ups (a specific goal that has already been established in Google Analytics) broken down by traffic source.

DataHero Sign Ups by Source (1)

A chart like this allows you to assess which sources are most successful in terms of driving sign ups. Of course, consider your marketing strategy as a whole and consider your traffic sources broken down by other goals or metrics.


Monitor Goals Over Time


Similar to the chart above, you can monitor how traffic sources impact a goal (in this case signups) over time by simply dragging on the date.

DataHero Sign Ups by Date and Traffic Source (September - October)


You can even change the time grouping by simply clicking the dropdown menu under the date.

Visualize Source Value

If you’re tracking your ecommerce metrics through Google analytics you can also measure the value each traffic source is providing.

DataHero Conversion Value by Social Network

You can even filter these conversion metrics to display only social networks.

Monitor Goals by Landing Page

DataHero’s filters make it really easy for you to filter your traffic or other metrics to track any attribute you’d like. Consider tracking conversions or traffic by landing page as well.

DataHero Total Revenue by Landing Page


In the example above we can see exactly which landing pages contribute the most revenue to your business’ bottom line.

Google Analytics tracks so much information about your site and your audience. Make sure you’re maximizing all that data to make the right decisions to move your business forward. Ready to get started? Create your free DataHero account and give it a try today.


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By Kelli Simpson

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