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Top 3 Tips For Turning Internal Analysis into Presentations

October 21st, 2014


More and more employees in all kinds of positions are being expected to perform their own internal analysis today. With data democratization, we all have become data analysts. This means we all are creating Powerpoint presentations on data more frequently as well in order to make data-driven decisions. These presentations may be to upper management, to peers, to board members, or even to audiences outside your company. We’ve pulled together our top three tips to easily transform your own internal analysis into compelling external presentations.

Top 3 Tips For Turning Internal Analysis into External Presentations:

  1. Make your charts professional-looking
  2. Bring what you want to focus on front and center
  3. Provide actionable information

Make Your Charts Look Professional

If you are presenting your analysis to a group, you are the expert. You’ve spent hours, days, weeks with this data. As with anything we pour a lot of time into, we can look past some of the aspects of data analysis that don’t look very professional for a presentation. With a new audience, this is the first time they’re seeing this data, and first impressions matter a lot. Your data may be harshly judged strictly because of the package it comes in. Consider the charts below in Excel:

These charts are quite an assault on the eyes. The colors are too bright, there are no axis labels, no legend, and no titles. How could an audience possibly glean any information from these? Either consider a tool that has built in color palettes for you, or check out our guide to choosing colors in data analysis.

Bring Your Focal Points Front and Center

As the expert in the data analysis you’re presenting, it may be tempting for you to explain every method you use to extract, analyze and visualize your data to your audience. You may want to present 20 charts from your internal dashboard all on why your conversion rate has increased for the past three quarters. Resist this urge! If you’re presenting to a management team, a board room, or even to your peers, they are likely not interested in your methods for obtaining insights, they just want the insights. Select the charts and information that best explain your story, then stick to those. The chart below has been easily dropped from an internal dashboard into a Powerpoint slide for presentation purposes. If you are the sales VP, you probably track many KPIs for your sales team, but this information is what your management team really needs to see.

Provide Actionable Information

Now you’ve presented stunning charts, you’ve stayed focus during your entire presentation and avoided drowning your audience in a data deluge. To make your presentation memorable and highly effective, also be sure to answer the “so what” question. What is the main takeaway? Leave your audience with some actionable information. Is your sales team is doing well selling one product but needs better support in another product?  Your management team needs to know this, and this is how data analysis and communicating this analysis can elevate the game of the entire company easily and efficiently.

Great information, but how does it apply to you, you ask. To seamlessly switch from internal analysis to external presentations, you need a tool that is easy to use and creates clear, readable charts, and allows for easy collaboration. Regardless of what kind of data you’re analyzing, DataHero is flexible enough to connect to any service you use online, and creates stunning charts that are a great foundation to any data analysis presentation. Plus, with our drag-and-drop simple interface, visualizing the data you have to get insights into your business data is incredibly easy. Get the answers you need from your charts, and monitor the metrics that are most important to your business easily with DataHero.

Ready to make your internal analysis easier and your external presentations more compelling? Give DataHero a try today.

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By Kelli Simpson

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