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Top 5 Networking Tips For Dreamforce

October 9th, 2014

Top 5 Networking Tips for Dreamforce

Picture this, your heart is beating a little faster than normal and suddenly all of your charisma and charm go out the window. You try to lock eyes with someone so that you can find a temporary home in what can feel like a sea of strangers but everyone looks happily engaged in conversation.  While this might sound like your experience at a school dance, it’s also what many people feel when they entering a large event, like Dreamforce.

The Dreamforce countdown is on and DataHero is excited and in the spirit.  While everyone has their preferred method of how to navigate insanity, here are a few staples I feel like have helped me along the way.  I’ve planned Dreamforce events for seven previous Dreamforce conferences and many other events in between. Whether you’re hoping to learn best practices from others, find new customers, find a job, or just expand your professional network, Dreamforce can be the place to do this, and do it right. October 13th is the beginning of thousands of sessions, ideas, and people buzzing about-ready to dive in? Below, are some helpful tips to remember before you go.

  1. Chatter often

Spreading your networking wings before you even get to Dreamforce can give you the leg up and help you organize who and what you should be seeing.  When attending, understand what you are there to do. Is your goal to feel out a new organization and get to know the vibe? Is it to meet five new people? Is it to meet one, two or twelve specific people? These are all reasonable expectations and it takes a little pre-planning to set these goals.  Salesforce Chatter for Dreamforce can be your best friend.  Specifically, make sure to check out the Dreamforce groups.

  1. Be memorable in a good way

Have you ever attended an event, gotten someone’s card, and when you look at it later you can’t remember anything about them? You don’t want to be one of those people to others.  Follow up after events is key and the sooner you do it, the better.  Also, remember you are there to represent your company.  Don’t do anything your mother would not want to see!

  1. Don’t spread yourself too thin

Be a staple at a few important events, not a fly at a few 100. When you bounce around to too many events where no one knows you and you’re doing yourself a disservice by having to build your brand from scratch in each environment. You’ll also find that networking is a lot more fun when you have longer conversations that matter to your business.  If you don’t know where to start try Dreamforce at a glance.

  1. Take advantage of planned networking events

Any event of this size networking opportunities are baked into the schedule. It’s up to you whether you take advantage of them.  However we believe, people attending these events are most likely doing it for reasons similar to yours–they’re in the mindset to meet new people.  Always planning your networking time is beneficial.  Apttus does an amazing job every year at compiling all of the best networking events at this show delivering to you, each day.

  1. Create your own opportunities

Its’ simple really and goes a long way.  Smiling and introducing yourself before and after sessions you attend can go a long way to creating random networking opportunities.  You are both there to hear the same speaker so you already have one topic to discuss.  Go for it!

DataHero reminds you to network, learn, have fun and wear comfortable shoes.  See you there!

By Sara Rohlfing

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