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Visualize Event Data With Eventbrite + DataHero

September 25th, 2014


Today, we’re very excited to announce a new partnership with Eventbrite, the leading event planning tool.   Now your event data analysis can be customized to your specific needs and you can visualize analytics across multiple events. Quotes platform manager at Eventbrite, Dylan Serota, “Actionable data is paramount to making effective business decisions about your event. We strive to provide rich event data to our organizers and we are extending this proposition even further with the DataHero partnership. We could not be more excited to bring the power of this platform to our users.” DataHero could not agree more.

This partnership enhances and allows customers  to do things that weren’t possible before. You can easily segment tickets by class, drill down on revenue, and taxes or fees. Then easily create the dashboard you need to see one event or many events. All these capabilities provide you with customized charts that highlight your Eventbrite data best.

By connecting DataHero to Eventbrite you can answer questions like:

  • How much revenue does each ticket class create?
  • Which companies do attendees come from?
  • What does my revenue look like with fees and taxes considered?

Ticket Sales By Class

Need to know how many tickets you’ve sold in each ticket category? Simply drag on Ticket Class, Date and Amount and DataHero automatically creates this stacked column chart:

The chart above shows that August 5th was the last day for Early Bird pricing. Because overall sales fell after the Early Bird offer expired, perhaps it would make sense to extend that Early Bird offer for the next event. We can also see that as tickets presumably started to sell out, more attendees opted for VIP tickets. This may be advantageous to know for future purposes as well for event marketing.

Attendee Companies

It’s also very easy to segment your event data within DataHero. In this case, let’s see which companies contributed most to VIP ticket sales. Simply drag the category you’d like to filter onto the bottom portion of the canvas, in this case Ticket Class:

Then drag Profile Email onto the top portion of the canvas and DataHero will represent the email domains (and thus, the companies) that contribute most to ticket sales:

Now the attendees from companies that contribute to VIP sales are visually displayed in the donut chart above.

Visualize Revenue, Fees or Taxes

Eventbrite provides information not only on ticket prices, but also on fees and taxes associated with each ticket class. Visualize revenue by ticket class:

You can also visualize fees and taxes by ticket class:

DataHero Eventbrite Fee and Tax by Ticket Class

The charts above let you know exactly where revenue is coming from and where costs are being allocated. You can even look at average fee by ticket class, as well.

To visualize your ticket class, revenue and attendee data, import Eventbrite data into DataHero in a single click. Then with simple drag-and-drop motions you can create  beautiful charts and dashboards to share with your team. DataHero is flexible enough for all your custom analytics needs and will stay automatically updated as the data within Eventbrite changes. Give DataHero a try today and create custom charts and dashboards to drive your events forward.

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By Kelli Simpson

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