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Visualizing Data Across Multiple SaaS Platforms

September 23rd, 2014


One of the most common questions from DataHero users is:”how can I visualize data across multiple SaaS platforms to get the full picture of my business?” Visualizing data on this scale (across multiple platforms) allows us to see cause and effect relationships we might not have seen otherwise.

Most business professionals keep their data stored in many different places. For example, they have email marketing data from MailChimp, sales data in Salesforce, revenue data in Stripe, and even Excel files on their computer. With so much data kept everywhere, it’s hard to put the entire picture together.

By visualizing data from these places individually we can answer questions like “how is my campaign performing over time?” and “how is my revenue broken down by date?” However, by combining two different datasets I can then answer questions like “how does each campaign contribute directly to my revenue, broken down by plan?” This is the power of using an integrative data analysis service, you can piece together all different aspects of your business into one cohesive picture.

Better ways to see your data from different places all  in one chart
Better ways to see your data from different places all in one chart

DataHero allows you to combine two different datasets from two separate sources based on a “key”. This key is the variable that both datasets will have in common. In the example from above, the revenue and email marketing data may have customer email address in common.

DataHero Combines are not simply adding rows to an existing dataset, it is actually creating a third (new) dataset by stitching together two separate datasets from these different SaaS platforms. This is why a combined dataset is so powerful across multiple services.

Just drag and drop the variable you’d like to use to combine the two datasets:

The data analysis process from here is very straight forward. DataHero suggests charts based on the underlying patterns in the combined dataset. You can either use these suggested charts as is, or you can edit them, or create your own chart from scratch.

DataHero makes combining incredibly easy, and allows you to answer questions across all the services your business uses, without having to go to the Excel expert in your department. It also keeps your datasets (combined or otherwise) up to date automatically, so you don’t have to worry about multiple versions of a file or outdated information. Have two services you’d like to combine? Create a free DataHero account and combine your own datasets to get the complete story of your business.

Visualize Data Across Multiple SaaS Platforms

By Kelli Simpson

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