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San Francisco Data Developers Meet Up

September 18th, 2014

Meet Up

Developing data-centric services is a challenge and opportunity that is here to stay. As data analysis makes its way into everyone’s everyday lives, we all need to add that particular skill to our repertoires. Creating data analysis products that are usable for us all (even the less statistically inclined) is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. It involves making powerful analytics tools not only available to everyone, but simple-to-use for everyone. We know data developers and UI/UX designers are the ones responsible for this creating these products that provide elegant solutions to complex everyday challenges.

That’s one of the reasons why DataHero, Mode Analytics and Keen IO have created a data meetup in San Francisco. It’s a place to share what we’ve all learned through the process of building data tools, leverage others’ wisdom, and also meet others in this expanding space.

This week, in conjunction with DataWeek, DataHero hosted the Data Developers meet up (complete with barbeque).  Tuesday night was a night where you could hear Derek Steer, CEO and co-founder of Mode Analytics speak about the benefits and challenges of developing open analysis, Josh Dzielak, from Keen IO announce a new product in his lightning talk, and Islam Sharabash discuss the power of using Node JS’s AsyncListener for DataHero.



The event was a great success and the fun doesn’t stop there.  To join the SF Data Developers community, check out our next event. See you there!

By Kelli Simpson

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